A few of the many 38cal(?) cartridges we found
scattered around the base of the Monster Tub

I won’t go into why firing guns from the hot spring pools is such an incredibly stupid idea. I’ve had guns fired in my direction on two occasions up at Scenic. I don’t like the idea of an errant bullet whizzing past my head on the trail downslope.

Irresponsible gun usage is one of the reasons we have rules in the wilderness . . . and particularly at Scenic. Mix it in with a partying attitude involving alcohol and weed at nighttime, and the chances of something going terribly wrong go way up.

Scenic is not open to the general public. You either have a permission card because of your involvement in past clean-ups, or you have been given permission for a visit in advance. What that means is if you are caught hiking up to the springs by the owner or his representatives, you may be asked to leave . . . even if you are almost all the way up to the hot springs. Please don’t argue with us . . . if you do not have permission you are trespassing! If you do have permission, the owner can revoke it.

So why?

The first reason is because we are in the middle of sensitive negotiations with the county, state and feds over permits to reopen the hot springs to the public . . . and by the unexpected presence of people heading up to the hot springs while bureaucrats and inspectors watch, our permits get jeopardized.

Secondly, irresponsible soaking will not be allowed to take root at Scenic. Even if you have permission, I will challenge you and send you packing if you are not prepared for the weather . . . or if you are drinking too much or otherwise being an a**hole. We’ve had our share of people hiking in street jeans, teeshirt and sneakers thinking they were immune to an oncoming snow storm.

We do not allow late night soaking or camping because we cannot control the irresponsible activities that traditionally take place after the sun goes down. Occasionally the owner or one of his reps will make the hike up to the springs late at night and ask those there to leave. Please do so without argument. I didn’t hike up there three times for the exercise this past Sunday.

It’s within your power to help make the re-emergence of Scenic Hot Springs happen. You could volunteer . . . you could ask first . . . instead of assuming . . . you could also soak responsibly. But just don’t enter the property en’mass near nightfall carrying cases of beer and expecting me to allow you to continue up to the springs. That is just the sort of activity we need to minimize in the county’s eyes. I will ask you to turn around. I expect the other representatives will also.

    • Have Permission First
    • No Night-time Soaking
    • No Guns, No Camping, No Fires
    • Be Responsible with Alcohol – No Glass
    • No Dogs at the Springs Site
    • Be Prepared for Conditions