. . . well, a famous a vaudeville comedy routine made most famous by Abbott and Costello that kind of sums up the confusion being generated by a few people claiming to be in charge of Scenic Hot Springs.  There are a number of diehard denizens of the old, free-wheeling Scenic days who still consider Scenic Hot Springs to be theirs and will continue to trespass and break all the rules that have been put in place to bring Scenic back into the good graces of the county.
These few individuals have confronted authorized visitors . . . telling them what they can, and cannot do.  They never ask for permission . . . are often heard of as camping overnight on the property . . . and almost always represent themselves as ‘special’ and allowed to access Scenic anytime they wish.  There was even one individual in Skykomish who collected fees and told people they could go on up to Scenic . . . as if he was the owner.  It is this old culture of possession that we are trying to rein in and stop.
The stewards of Scenic Hot Springs carry Letters of Authority signed by the owner.  If you are ever confronted by someone representing themselves as in charge . . . and you rather doubt it, ask to see this letter.  We will be happy to do so.  At present, there are two stewards at Scenic . . . Matt and Rick.  There is also the owner, Mike.  From time to time we do ask other trusted individuals to keep a lookout for us, for which they carry a Limited Authority to Act from us. Ask to see them.   Lacking these credentials, no one else has authority to tell you what to do at Scenic Hot Springs (other than authorities in the conduct of their duties).
Matt and myself are pretty laid-back individuals.  If you have permission to be up there we are not going to be dictating your use of the pools (assuming you’re behaving yourself).  So . . . we’d like to hear if any visitors have any problems with individuals passing themselves off as “Who’s on First”.