A comment posted today to the Hunt and Kosh Hot Springs entry on my Clothing Optional map here:

“I just went here for the first time, directions are great, the road is now paved to bridge. I found the newly made soaking pool with a nice little deck and bench nearby, as I arrived a small group was leaving so it was perfect timing, but as soon as I got comfy in the pool, which was a perfect temp around 105, a group of locals showed up and were checking out the place then a couple came down from the hill coming from other spring and then the super tweaked out locals started yelling at them saying they “don’t belong here” and get the F out of here, at the same time 3 guys showed up and were also yelled and screamed at same way, the couple leaving just ignored it all and continued on their way out, the 3 guys contemplated for a minute but the yelling and screaming continued until they left, so my friend and I who had been soaking the entire time were really weirded out and confused of what was going on, then the ignorant tweaked out locals came up pool we were soaking an
d and started yelling and screaming at us and then threatening us, as we quietly and peacefully ignored their most ignorant comment sand threats continued as we walked on out of their. They continued on and on how those were sacred waters and we dont belong in them or anywhere near there because we were not from there. I have lived in nor cal my entire life and have been all over the world and I have never ran into such backwoods, inbred, ignorant idiots anywhere like these tweaked out locals! I definitely would not recommend this place unless you are ready for a confrontation.”