This from George (sorry to preempt you George but I was not certain you could post yet).

Last Saturday, a group of individuals went up to the springs against advice and warnings; intending to also camp overnight at the springs (though we did not know that at the time.

On the following day, as they arrived back at the gate where they had parked their vehicles, they discovered that they had been broken into and everything of value stolen.

What makes this frightening is that this wasn’t simply a case of mischievous vandals breaking windows but of professionals targeting vehicles parked at trail-heads. According to George S., who went up there to check on the happenings on Sunday, the thieves removed the door locks with professional locksmith tools . . . so obviously they had plenty of time and were pretty sure of themselves. The bad guys are probably targeting vehicles parked overnight on Forest Service roads, figuring they’d be easy marks. The individual whose vehicle was hit had everything he owned inside (moving from Wyoming). He was pretty devastated.

This case wasn’t reported . . . the guy felt that he was already trespassing and that he would be in bigger trouble for that. We have that sign posted that clearly warns people that the springs are private property and that by parking at the gate area, they are parking at their own risk.

Again, if you insist on parking in this area, don’t leave anything of potential value inside you vehicle. And again, that warning taken from the sign . . . you absolutely park at your own risk!