Update:  The original post was on the 9th.  This is an update.  The total lack of requests or interest in a No Nudity Day at the hot springs means that a no naked person day at the hot springs is a non-gainer.  This experiment is cancelled and Scenic Hot Springs will REMAIN 100% CLOTHING-OPTIONAL AT ALL TIMES AND DAYS.  If you cannot deal with nudity then do not make reservations at the hot springs.  If you disrupt or make it uncomfortable for other visitors to enjoy the hot springs, then you will be banned from the springs in the future.

A great deal of effort went into the Conditions of Access as visitors are required to understand and agree to them before any access is granted to Scenic Hot Springs.  Most of the “conditions” are there because of requirements by the authorities for continued access; for example:  no night time soaking or the limiting of daily use.

Other conditions address the owner’s rules for permission to be on his property.  As the owner, he has the right to protect and control his property . . . so the no fires or dogs on property.
Then there are the cultural aspects of usage which dictate behavior while on the property.  The owner and his representatives reserve the right to refuse usage or access to those individuals who disrupt or ‘ruin’ the experience of other visitors.  Examples would be the playing of loud music or the consumption of too much alcohol at the springs.
Personally, I now understand the feelings of non-smokers being forced to  be in the vicinity of a smoker.  Please do not smoke (or light up a pipe of good stuff) before asking everyone present if it would be okay.  As a cancer patient I am extremely sensitive to tobacco smoke.  To me, it is an assault.  Think of others or risk being banned.
Nudity is traditional at most natural hot springs (and certainly at Scenic Hot Springs.)  If you have a problem with nudity please do not go requesting access to Scenic Hot Springs.  If you make it uncomfortable for other visitors who choose to soak the traditional way, sans clothing, then we will use all the information you provided to make your own reservation to ban your future access to Scenic Hot Springs.
Now, for those of you who are ‘clothes-minded’ . . . and can’t bear to see another individual naked, for a limited experiment we will RESERVE THURSDAYS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO SEE NAKED SOAKERS.  The calendar will be marked as “No Nudity Day”