On Wednesday January 6th a friend of mine and myself went to check on the state of the hot springs (my visits are always random). When I arrived at the gate, not intending to open and drive up I once again found the lock had been cut from the gate. Not much of a surprise as this happens more often than I care to admit. I do believe that the gates lock continually is removed by the same group of people. Anyway, continuing up the mountain I found the state of the hot springs to be abhorable! Two empty 12 pack bottles of beer lying on the deck and every single empty bottle flung down hill to break on the rocks. Towels, underwear, socks and a few shirts, pistachio shells, sunflower seeds, Russian dried fish snack packaging and lots of other food garbage was strewn about the soak. I was thoroughly disgusted to see this behavior in the middle of winter. Generally the winter crowd is much more respectful to the property. So I proceeded to clean the mess up. After about an hour the two of us had cleaned up as much as possible (you just cannot get every shard of glass). I proceeded down hill and put a temporary lock on the gate as I left.

On Friday the 8th I returned again to meet with the forest service and get the proper locks on the gate(there are three locks; Bonneville Power, US Forest Service, and the private land owners). Once done I continued up hill only to find almost as much of the exact same garbage as picked up on Wednesday. Once again I cleaned the area up. Before I left this day though (Friday) I drained both tubs so as to at least inconvenience the late night trouble makers.

Monday the 11th (today) I returned again, surprise surprise the locks were gone again. After some scouting around I discovered they actually blew them off this time with a small bomb. Do not care to go into details on that, do not want to give anyone ideas. Also there was remains of a smashed out tinted car window at the parking area before the gate. It appears somebodies car was broken into. Continuing up the hill to the soak I found more of the same garbage again and a large black sooty spot in the ice compacted on the deck. It appeared these jackasses tried to start a fire just off the deck and it moved somehow onto the deck (right in the middle). So I picked up all the garbage once again and decided the sooty spot needed to go. I put together a few hoses and proceeded to melt the sooty snow off the decks. As the snow was melting under the hot water I noticed an iridescence emanating off the wood of the deck and I noticed a slight petroleum smell. 45 mins later the sooty snow was gone. I then decided to clean up deep under the decks and found a hidden two quart jug of diesel motor oil! These jackasses were starting wet wood on fire with motor oil. Wow! Anyway I managed to clean up everything the best I could.

Scenic Hot Springs is under a constant barrage of vandalism. We are looking at the idea of starting a coalition of a very few reliable trust worthy soakers who are interested in patrolling the springs so as to keep these vandals out. If this is something you have the time for most importantly, please drop us an email. Include your phone number please so we may contact you to discuss details.

Anyway this is one of my most absolute favorite places in the world and it breaks my heart to see such disrespect for such a natural wonder. I have gotten to meet quite a few soakers at scenic and I know that this spring has some special followers that can fit the bill. Please contact us if you are interested.