EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  Anybody found on the Scenic property without permission  is going to be asked to leave immediately.  {No change there}

Anybody found on the Scenic property a second time without permission to be there will have charges preferred for 2nd Degree Criminal Trespass. {We have let you slide . . . no more}

Anybody who does not have permission to be on the Scenic property, is challenged and asked to leave, and does not do so immediately, will have the Skykomish sheriff’s deputy meet them at the gate and have 1st Degree Criminal Trespass charges preferred.

ANYONE suspected of vandalizing Scenic property or the property of permitted Scenic visitors will have the Skykomish deputy’s interest.  I record the license plate numbers and photograph all the cars parked at Scenic.  Car vandalism is ridiculous . . . endangering someone far from help is serious!  We will not allow this sort of criminal behavior to start up again.  Charges will be filed.

As far as what has led up to this harsher position . . . those responsible for shoving a blade through two tires engaged not only in vandalism but, according to the advice I received from the deputy, are guilty of reckless endangerment for stranding a vehicle in wilderness at night and outside of cell phone coverage.

I have given the deputy copies of pictures of the vehicles parked at the gate along with license plate numbers and descriptions of the large group of people at the springs associated with those vehicles who were asked to leave. When I download the trailcam images (there are two Trail Cams on the trail, so I’m sure we got some images) I will give them also to the King County Sheriff’s Department. When it is found out who engaged in this act of vandalism and reckless endangerment, I will fully press charges against that individual or individuals . . . or the entire group as responsible . . . unless someone comes forward to identify which one was the irresponsible idiot.

One of the two tires shived with a blade, guaranteeing that this vehicle
and the driver were stranded a long way from help and
cell phone coverage at night.

I have also sent off an email to the owner suggesting that access to Scenic be terminated . . . since trespassers and vandals just can’t seem to get the message.  It will make my job a whole lot easier . . . any car parked at Scenic can be presumed to be trespassing and the deputy so informed so that he can take appropriate action during his patrols.  We will throw the baby out with the bathwater.