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It seems that some people just don’t give a f**k and are going to ruin any chance that Scenic will open again in the foreseeable future.

Today, or more precisely sometime last night, some a**hole removed all the signs we had put up in accordance with the wishes of the sheriffs department. Those signs were carefully worded to protect the owners liability without being too rejecting of those headed up to the springs. Those signs cost a f**king lot of money (I know, I had them made), and now they are gone. Not simply over the side of the mountain, but gone!

Mike is upset. Mike is probably pissed and I wouldn’t blame him. George is angry. I am in a killing mood (it’s a good thing I don’t own a gun). I spent hours hiking the slopes hoping to find those signs. What does it take to get it through your minds that as long as vandalism and disrespect for Mike’s property continues that at some point he will just shut everyone off and enforce the No Trespassing.

Why do couples come waltzing down the trail with a dog off-leash and believe that it is okay despite the prohibition against dogs because they had the damn dog tied up while they soaked? That to the owner within reading distance of the sign saying ‘No Pets’. What is wrong with everyone? They didn’t even bother to pick up the dog shit on the trail! I don’t come into your house or property and behave like that.

What part of NO CAMPING doesn’t make sense? Why is it everytime George goes up there, some idiot is either heading up or coming back down with tent and sleeping bag?

I said hello to the sheriffs’ department deputy today at the gate. Wanted to know what I was doing there. Good thing I had authority to be there cause they are checking.

For the irresponsible . . . get realistic. You want Scenic? The only way that is going to happen is to follow the rules and give Mike a chance to prove to the county that this can work without the public nuisance morass of the past. Scenic is on probation!

For the responsible ones who do care . . . if you see someone violating or planning to violate the rules, let them know they just cannot and they’d better turn around. And if they won’t, get license plate numbers and descriptions so that we can do something about it.

Rick (aka