People, fortunately are beginning to request permission . . . and that’s good. But handling requests to visit takes shuffling and time so if you note the sidebar, as people request a date to visit (and there are no other priorities) I will be entering them on the Google Calendar so that we have some idea of who’s going up.
In talks with the owner, we’ve also introduced a method to contribute to the cost of maintaining these pools for your visit. A five dollar fee ($5) per person, per visit is now expected in advance of all users requesting permission to visit the hot springs. Visitors caught at the hot springs (or on the trail) without advance permission will first be assessed as to whether they should be allowed on the property and if so, then asked ten dollars ($10) per person or turned around. There will be no exceptions to this policy!
Contributions are used to maintain the pools, cover some of the costs of continually having to respond to incidents up at Scenic and for necessary pool maintenance (relining, etc.) to make this an enjoyable location for a soak. If you want to enjoy it then pitch in!
On a different note . . . nighttime visits are continuing and, we are going to put a stop to them. A number of volunteers have come forward to help Matt, Bob and myself stand guard duty with authority to turn around people heading up to the springs near nightfall. A benefit of being up there is that we are not going to begrudge the volunteerism of their time for a soak, themselves.
I didn’t get a soak, myself, this last Tuesday . . . but I did turn back twelve people intent on sneaking up to the springs at night. Six of them were understanding and polite . . . the other six (a group of young men and women) were outright obnoxious . . . even claiming after they asked how to get permission . . . that they had permission. Sorry . . . that was a lie and you’re still not going to get permission to soak up at Scenic in the dark.

One additional note: There is likely someone camping in the trees near the springs. One car . . . a beat-up red Toyota with Oregon plates has been there for several days, getting moved around (on Tuesday, actually parked on Hwy 2 . . . hope it got towed). I could not account for that person with the count of people asked to leave, but there is evidence that someone is living up there. I felt the same thing a week earlier when I spotted a candle flicker near the latrine but was unable to follow through the fresh snow.
I would ask everyone (volunteers and visitors) to protect the integrity of Scenic and help keep us informed of problems happening up there. Don’t put yourself in jeopardy by confronting . . . just inform and let us know. We are fully prepared to start pressing charges against troublemakers.