At this time of year we should be getting snow instead of the torrents of rains and warm weather.  And that presents some problems for soaking up at Scenic Hot Springs.  The normally hottest pool . . . fed by the Lobster Pot springs . . . is very sensitive to heavy rain downpours that saturate the groundwater and dilute these shallow-running feeds.  Thus the Lobster Pot pool run cold at a time when it should be hot and toasty.
The second feed, filling the other pool, is almost impervious to ground water (this feed is more protected and does not travel shallow).  So the Bear Den pool stays hot throughout this rains.
If you are thinking about a request to go to Scenic (or have already requested one) please take these unusual wet and warm conditions into mind.  One pool may be unsoakable, limiting the number of people we can permit.