Posted with permission:
We did make it into Scenic on Thursday (yesterday). The trail in was hard-packed snow, a bit icy in places. Took us 1.5 hours in, from the parking area in the works yard. There’s about 50 cm (20 inches) of snow on the ground at the springs. Good footwear (boots) is now essential. Running shoes, which some people were using, won’t do now – too dangerous. I’d discourage anyone who doesn’t have proper boots from making the trek until the snow goes next spring.
The pools are in good shape. The western pool (left hand one, looking down) had an intake temperature of 44.3 deg C (112 deg F), and the right hand pool was 47.4 deg C (117 deg F). Rate of flow from the hottest feed was about double that of the cooler one.
We stayed about an hour. Packed out some beer and pop cans, and some miscellaneous trash found along the trail. A lovely day, and thanks very much, Mike, for permission to visit.
Glenn W.

It should be noted that Glenn had the explicit permission of the owner and that permission was forwarded to the stewards in advance. Glenn was on a semi-official visit . . . the others he encountered up at the springs were, simply put, trespassing and certainly not prepared for conditions (which can change in a flash this time of year.)