The other day while checking up on Scenic I got taken into believing a sob story of an otherwise nice couple who, when challenged, said that they had emailed earlier in the morning and when they didn’t hear back decided to head on in . . . assuming it would be okay.
Well, okay . . . they knew my name . . . they knew my email nickname.  Sounded plausible so I believed that they did in fact ask for permission and not hearing anything back, decided to take a chance that it would be alright.
First of all, it wasn’t alright because they intruded on other visitors who did have permission.  But they were apologetic and contrite so I gave them the benefit of the doubt . . . and with the concurrence  of the other soakers with permission in the pool, decided to let them stay.
Needless to say, checking both my email and the Scenic email later found nothing of this couple requesting permission.  I even let it ride an extra day in case their request showed up late.  Nothing.  Nada.
So here’s how we are going to handle situations like this from now on:
  • You are going to be challenged,
  • If you are not in the list for that day you will be asked for the permission email,
  • If you cannot produce the permission email we sent you, you will be told to leave right away,
  • If you do not leave we will call for assistance from law enforcement.
We take pictures of every car parked before the forest service gate as well as vehicles parked in other locations typically used by trespassers.  We keep a rogue’s galley of probable trespassers for later reference, if need be.
Since the property is legally-posted private property we do not need to confront trespassers and ask them to leave . . . we can simply confirm for ourselves they are (or were) on the property without permission and call for the sheriff without having to confront and ask to leave.  Trespassers . . . you just may find the cops waiting for you down at the bottom when you get back!
There will be no more “on your honor” visits and there will be no more listening to sob stories and con games.  If we cannot connect you to the list of permitted visitors, you must leave right away or face prosecution.