In the Conditions of Access (the link is also in the sidebar) we request at least two days advance notice to respond to, check on current reservations, activities and conditions, and answer your request.  We also request that those desiring access to Scenic, follow up the initial request (and follow-on correspondence) in a timely manner.  We hold a “Reservation Pending” for as long as possible . . . waiting for the requester to complete these Conditions of Access . . . meanwhile, others are denied access due to these pending reservations.  And when they never follow-through, no one gets a chance to enjoy the hot springs that day.
So, effective immediately, if you request a reservation and do not complete the process within two days of your requested reservation, then we reserve the right to cancel your request and offer the spots to others.  Update:  A new policy is now in effect requiring follow-through earlier in some case.  See the post here:
In correspondence with us, please make the subject line appropriate to the request (i.e. Michael’s, Request for Access Sat. Jul 3rd 2015).  We get hundreds of emails each month and we must match different threads up with the appropriate request.
Do not start a new request using an email for an earlier visit.  This just confuses us as to what date you are looking for.  If we have given you a ‘Rain Check’, please save that email and reply to that to reschedule.
Some people make requests far into the future.  Please consider that we cannot vet what conditions will be like weeks or months into the future.  As the date for you trip approaches, consider emailing or contacting us for an update on the springs and to finalize access.

A real-time calendar (same data as the one in the sidebar) is below to help you choose dates.