Thank you Rick for your outstanding work for returning Scenic hot springs
to the place of joy it has been in my heart!To all that love this place as much as i do,
We need to work as one as we move forword to see Scenic in a new light.
Scenic gave me alot in my life, friendships, peace & joy.
Thank you Rick and all that gave thier time & hard work to see this place come back to the people that are in search of Heaven on earth.
Mike the owner is a Outstanding Soul To those who think he is in it for the money,
Tell us one person you know that made himself rich from owning a hot spring.
It is not the money that drives Mike to do this,
He is in it for the joy of having a peaceful place to share & soak as many of us do!
Fredom is a word that is being taken from us everyday,
Thanks to this man we can say we still have a place to soak & be free to share with each other.