Survey: Scenic Hot Springs – Tell Us Your Experiences

In order to get a better understanding of the attitudes of the people likely to visit Scenic Hot Springs, a closed online sampling survey was undertaken. The survey was limited to fifteen (15) questions. The survey is still ongoing; these results are as of October 28th, 2005. The survey can be seen at Survey # 23974.

Participants were invited by three methods:

  • Visitors encountered at the springs or coming and going were reminded that they were on private, posted property as a courtesy . . . and then asked if they would mind taking an anonymous survey of their opinions once they got home. They were handed a card bearing the online web address of the survey site.
  • An unbiased message was posted in a number of online forums catering to the interests of Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiasts . . . including Camping, Hiking and Hot Spring message boards. The posting was carefully worded so as not to influence opinions.
  • In an attempt to get some perspective on hot springs from outside of the soaking community, flyers were posted in a number of community locations, including coffee houses in Seattle, Monroe and Goldbar.

The survey is completely anonymous, hopefully getting open and more honest answers from the participants. The survey was also left “blind” with the thought that if a participant could view previous results, his or her answers might be ‘colored’.

This survey attempts to understand the attitudes on these areas:

  • Have you been to Scenic?
  • If so, what did you like or dislike about it?
  • Were you aware of the closure and if so, why did you go anyway?
  • What are your feelings on nudity and/or clothing-optional at hot springs?
  • What are your feelings about treating the hot springs waters?
  • What are your feelings about being charged a user’s fee?
  • What would you like to see happen at Scenic?

On some of the questions, participants were given a chance to add comments to their answers . . . and many did so, enhancing the quality of the results.

Total Survey Participants Answering At Least One Question: 198

Survey Question/Answers




1. Have you visited Scenic Hot Springs in the past?




No, this is my first time



I have never been to the springs but I’ve heard of them



2. If the answer to Question # 1 was “Yes”, how often do you visit the springs?

Rarely, maybe once or twice a year



Moderately, possibly once a month during good weather



Frequently, I get up to the springs as often as I can



3. Did you visit Scenic Hot Springs prior to the closure in 2001?







4. What did you find the ‘best’ about Scenic Hot Springs in the past?

The views over the forests and valleys below.



The soaking in the pools.



Meeting people at the springs.



Quiet relaxation and spirituality.



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5. What did you feel was not good about Scenic Hot Springs in the past?

Difficulty of the hike.



Cleanliness and Sanitation around the site.



Attitudes of other soakers.



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6. Are you male or female?







7. What is your approximate age?

Under 18















Over 55



8. If you have been up to the Hot Springs recently, are you aware that they are on private property and officially closed to the public?

No, I wasn’t aware of that



No, I thought they were still open and free



Yes, but I didn’t think anyone minded me being there



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9. How important to you is the clothing-optional tradition at Scenic Hot Springs?

Very Important






Somewhat Desirous



I’m Neutral on Nudity



Somewhat Unwanted






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10. How important is leaving the hot springs water in as natural a state as possible?




Somewhat Important






Somewhat Unimportant



Doesn’t Matter



11. Would you visit Scenic Hot Springs if the pool waters were treated and chlorinated?







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12. It is proposed that a parking area be provided in the lower corner of the hot springs property and that a ‘caretaker’ be hired to control access and provide some security for the site. Would you be in favor of a reasonable user fee to cover the caretaker’s wages?










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13. It has been suggested that a portion of the Scenic Hot Springs property be designated clothing-optional outside of the soaking pools. This area would be marked and located away from the general public areas. Would you have any objections to providing this venue?










Don’t Know



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14. Here are a few things that could be instituted at Scenic in time, some sooner than others. Check those items you would really be interested in.

Scenic Walkways and Vantage Points



Picnic Areas



Hiking Trails



Designated Camping Areas



Restrooms and other amenities



Interpretive Displays of Scenic’s History



Geology Field Trips to the spring sources



Wilderness Preparation Classes & Outings



Fenced Dog Run Areas



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15. Would you be interested in become a steward or volunteer for any of the above activities in the future should the opportunity ever arise?










Question Comments (unedited)

4. What did you find the ‘best’ about Scenic Hot Springs in the past?
  • The opportunity to relax and be away from the stress of the everyday world… tranquility through seclusion
  • Daytime users were of generally of like mind, freindly and mellow.
  • The totally natural setting, the natural unchlorinated waters, heated naturally within the earth and delivered with only the minerals from the earth.
  • The combination of all of the above.
  • clear water
  • The whole NATURAL experience that comes from soaking in natural mineral waters.
  • I’’ve been going to Scenic for 32 years, since 1973, and wish it to remain nautral, and not over developed or overused
  • It was the most beautify scenery I had ever had the experience of viewing.
  • A friend who passed on last year visited the hot springs often. I would like to visit to help me feel close to him again.
  • It’’s a great hike, and a good excuse for some hard exercise, with a wonderful goal at the top.
  • all of the above ’’97 first trip left seattle at ~3am, stayed at the springs until dawn, beautiful fog clearing away to vistas in early morning light
  • It was cliquey, never felt safe.
  • Communing with the natural world and other people without conflicting barriers (chemicals, clothes) allow me to accept the position of humankind.
  • The natural beauty of the setting.
  • The hike is great, and the springs are the payoff.
  • Scenic Hot spring is amazing in it’’s natural state. That is being able to soak in natural mineral water in a beautiful forest.
  • I’’ve met a lot of wonderful people there.
  • The healing mineral water.
  • pristine water supply without any added chemicals
  • It is my intent to visit within the next four months.
  • The most memorable thing was that it was a magical place that was not quotmodernizedquot and all the effort it must have taken to get the decks built!
  • Yes to all of the above. Each trip was unique.Some visits were quiet, others more social, but soaking was the the original reason for making the trip.
  • It’’s an oasis from the city that offers a healing and rejuvinating environment. A magical place that helps me connect with nature.
  • Fresh air, sunshine
  • it is a beautiful natural spring
  • An astounding monument to the love and dedication of the volunteers who created this special place.
  • I loved relaxing in a comfortable, natural setting that was close to Seattle.
  • enjoying bonding moment w/good friends
  • One of a kind place!
  • To say that any one of these things was best is not possible, the springs were beautiful in so many ways.
  • The smell or the fresh air and the naturalness of the place.
  • The water of scenic is so healing adding any chemicals would be wronge! All the years of soaking Sometime for 8 hours quotHealing waterquot Mother earth
  • The best things for me were the beautiful location and the beautiful pools and decks themselves.
  • It has the right balance of being accessible and not being overcrowded. Everyone there had respect for the location, just a wonderful place to be.
  • Being away from modern civilization and enjoying the primitive experience of mineral springs soaking was why I came.
  • to be able to enjoy nature
  • Scenic is/was one of the most incredible places I have ever been. I nearly cried when it was destroyed.
  • Well worth the climb. A wonderful way to spend the day.
  • Though I have never been there the photos I have seen have shown this to ba a beauthiful place to soak naturally
  • am a lot of party to the matter
  • Most of the folks that use the Springs are great people that take a person quotas isquot. It doesn’’t matter if you are nude or not at the springs. It’’s a great place for my lady and I to relax with friends
  • My answer is based on photos taken from the spring area
  • Memorable in every sense of the word. The community around those springs was simply remarkable.
  • I really enjoyed the unregulated nature of the springs. It was relaxing to get away from all the rules in life and just sit, talk and soak.
  • The experience of all the above made Scenic one of the best Hot Springs.
  • I have skin reactions to clorinated water so finding a natural soak is always a pleasure.I enjoy meeting people but eventually block them out to relax
  • The hike up and down with the seculsion of the springs to enjoy.
  • Soaking in the pools is definetely best!It is a very difficult hike for me, and the pools were an unspeakable reward.
  • Scenic Hot Springs is a hidden treasure, so I have been told and look forward to the opportunity of going there.
  • I absolutely loved natural hot springs when I lived in Japan and I am looking for the same experience here.
  • There are very few natural hotsprings in Washington. This is one of the finest in the world! It should be both preserved, and open to the public.
  • The natural hot water, heated by mother earth without chemicals
  • A great spot for a great soak!
  • When it only had hand made pools it was a spiritual place. Recall an eagle calling out when daughter and I hugged in the pools the week her mom died.
  • The openness of the community and the healing waters.
  • Great forest location
  • I think it should be noted that I vacationed every summer in this area UNTIL Scenic was closed and have not been back since. Miss my tourist dollars?
  • Cooking and sharing food.
  • Enjoyed the hike through the woods to get up to the springs then enjoyed the primitive nature of the pools
  • A surrealistic commune with the natural environment, sharing some of that with others, teaching respect when warranted.
  • I visited Scenic twice in 1996. I treasure my experiences there. It is a wonderful place for too many reasons to describe in such a small space.
  • Everything. The water, pool setup, the layout (Decking, etc…), I was amazed at how much the volunteers had accomplished considering where it is.
  • Scenic was the first hot spring I had ever visited. The first time was in the late ’’90s and it was a very special experience…I miss it…
  • Very peaceful and low key
  • the seclusion and ’’eagles aerie’’ aspect of scenic is unique amoung the dozens of springs i’’ve visited over the years
  • Have not yet been there.
  • The hike created a barrier ’’tween the other world (work/city) and a peaceful space… clearly to be cherished
  • I especially enjoy the special comraderie found with soaking nude with 5-20 other strangers who have all traveled far to enjoy remote rustic springs!
  • good exercise, great soaking, all in all a great family place to go.
  • Natural resources need to be preserved, with out chlorine!
  • Went only in Nov usually solo.There were a few others even wkdays.Still a spiritual experience that I miss. Understand how popularity ruins things.
  • While I have met many great people at Scenic Hot Springs, nothing beats the quiet relaxation from when you are the only person there.


5. What did you feel was not good about Scenic Hot Springs in the past?
  • Late night quotparty peoplequot seemed to have no respect for the property.
  • Only that it takes 2 hours to drive to from my home in Federal Way. Parking could have been better.
  • Only minor issues with cleanliness.
  • Some other soakers took advantage of the quiet and solitude to drink and take drugs. With controlled access these people will be less likely go visit.
  • some people leave a lot of trash
  • too much construction
  • It was worth the Difficulty of the hike though. The place was very Clean and Sanitary (which was something I had not expected being so isolated)
  • There is a stretch of trail that is very difficult and could be very dangerous. All that I would ask is putting up rails to prevent falls or injuries
  • I enjoy the difficulty of the hike, and I think you have to be pretty dedicated to get there, which weeds out bad attitudes.
  • I heard stories of pushy, loud quotfrat-boyquot types. Coming back from overseas in 2003 hearing it was closed not going since
  • It wasn’’t so much the difficulty of the hike, but the safety aspect. Footing can be treacherous in late fall through early spring.
  • Bad attitude bothered me. Never felt safe.
  • I always found it pleasant. Except for the local (skykomish) meth users who would stay up there for days… and wouldn’’t shut up.
  • Politicans attempting to dictate how I dress, (or don’’t).
  • Careless actions of others that don’’t respect the natural setting.
  • worried about leaving our car alone
  • The interference by the authorities was not good.
  • Didn’’t care for folks smoking around the pools.
  • I visited Scenic shortly after the destruction of the decks and pools, etc. and it was in real need of having someone take care of and manage it.
  • Occasionally there were some loud and obnoxious people.
  • Parking was hard to find
  • Have not been there but plan to. Have heard the hike is difficult.
  • All damage that KCSO did when they destroyed the decks!The damage left behind was WORSE to the environment than the beautiful tubs that used to exist!
  • nothing
  • The lack of respect of some of the soakers. People who went there to party and left their garbage behind.
  • The distruction done by the sherrif’’s department.
  • nothing bothering from what i have read
  • I only had good experiences the 3 times I visited.
  • The occasional jerk that had little regard for people or the place itself. The same person you may run into anywhere.
  • I appreciated the dificulty of the hike because I think it helped keep the quotriff-raffquot out.
  • I thought the difficulty of the hike was about right. It filtered out the lookieloo folks who didn’’t come to soak, but to gawk.
  • People who use, but do not clean up, dogs, crowds, access is too easy.
  • I never got into the few who thought of scenic as a place to go and party, drink lots of beer, and have sex in the pools.
  • Was bothered by a very small percentage of the soakers who just came there for lack of a better place to get drunk and party.
  • Relative to the other answers, the hike was the least enjoyable part.
  • The destruction and vandilization of the springs was a terrible event. This indicates how informed some of the public is.
  • the attitude King County has taken
  • I had no complaints other than the ocassional parking issues and break-ins.
  • Drinking and rampant drug taking made the environment feel somewhat unsafe at times.
  • seems as though some folks don’’t quotpack out what they pack inquot
  • From what I have read post closure, none of the above would have been an issue
  • Nothing!! I found it an almost perfect enviroment before the closure. I never had a bad experience.
  • The occasional overly intoxicated person.
  • Many people where there to PARTY. Not my scene. Soak, enjoy and like minded people that was good times.
  • Nothing has bothered me at the springs other then if there are too many people.
  • The building of the elaborate decks. It created the out of control camping and over use of the springs
  • nothing
  • I haven’’t visited, so this is just a concern I would have in general.
  • Before it got closed down, it got pretty busy there on weekends. That wasn’’t as much as a problem, as long as everybody was well behaved.
  • People abusing the privelage of using the springs!
  • the blue tarps! i would like to see pools that blend into the suroundings.
  • Post 1997ish, more and more people appeared to be going to party and meeting people rather than communing with nature and enjoying like companions.
  • About the time it closed, there seemed to be more of the quotjockquot stereotype of guys making a big deal about female nudity and asking for drugs.
  • The occasional car break-in
  • Usually it was the teenagers partying. Litter was sometimes bad but other users also cleaned up. Vehicle security was a concern. Avoided weekends.
  • It was clean, the people were wonderful, and the hike only made the HS seem more worth it! I loved everything about it.
  • Actually, it was very clean when I have been there but I have a very strong stewardship ethic and can be a bit of a quotclean freak.quot
  • More people showed the place less respect.
  • There was talk of people getting harassed by the cops.
  • Inconsiderate visitors who left trash
  • Most other soakers were great. Just a few bad apples that spoiled it. Sounds like they don’’t show as often, now.
  • trash, gross hippie slobs
  • If there is a constant flow of water in and out of the soak area, santitations issues will be greatly reduced.
  • The pools were clear and clean (we even quotvacuumedquot the pools with cyphen hose). There was much litter to be cleaned up.
  • I was occasionally bothered by those who would come and try to force the spring to be clothing required.Hot Springs are meant to be used without suits
  • The police should have not bullied the owner into submission.
  • Not much to complain about
  • NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT, except it became too popular. Can’’t imagine commercialization but quotgo for it.quot
  • Ideally there would be several tubs that have a degree of separation, so that you can be social or have privacy.
  • Attitudes of officials who were against the public soaking.


8. If you have been up to the Hot Springs recently, are you aware that they are on private property and officially closed to the public?
  • I am aware I respect the wishes of the property owner. It broke my heart when the springs were destroyed by the sheriff’’s deputy I never returned
  • Above is not quite true – I know they are on private property and officially closed, so I have not been there since their closure in 2001.
  • had permission
  • I was invited
  • I stopped going after it was closed. (I had to pick an answer but I was aware so I haven’’t been there. Great lost.)
  • I knew they were closed, and haven’’t been since the closure
  • I had heard rumor about them being closed, but I have not seen any official statement on the status of the hotsprings.
  • Haven’’t been up there since the closure. You should add an option to that effect.
  • I haven’’t been since I heard they were closed in ’’03. This question requires an answer, but that wasn’’t an option
  • I haven’’t been up there since they closed because I consider that trespassing. But I miss it terribly!
  • More specifically: Yes, and I haven’’t been there since its closure.
  • In the past they were open to the public,but were closed by the owners due to the public’’s treatment of the springs and surrounding property.
  • I can’’t continue this quiz without giving the right answer, I went but I KNEW what is going on.
  • Yes, but I hoped the owners would accept my use.
  • haven’’t been since the closure
  • I not been to the spring after it closed
  • I knew they were on private property and never were officially open to the public and the quotfriends,quot kept the place just fine.
  • Have not been there since the clousure. This sounds like a trick question…
  • I was aware at the time that they were closed.I am an avid hot springer and was mostly interested in seeing the condition of the site and the springs.
  • There wasn’’t a choice for being aware that they are closed so I haven’’t been there.
  • N/A I haven’’t been to Scenic since the 2001 closure.
  • havent been recently
  • The springs are a historicly open and free site! It is sad that commericial interests are trying to capitalize on such a beautiful undeveloped place!
  • Have not been since closed (but that option was not above)but would have gone if I thought others were getting away with it
  • I’’ve met the owner and gotten permission.
  • Haven’’t been there for several years prior to closure
  • I haven’’t been there since the closure.
  • I was invited by NG to come up.
  • Yes, but my friend Jeffery Pankry is a memeber and has a key
  • I have not been to the Hot Springs in the past year, as I knew they were on private property, and officially closed.
  • I am aware the property is private, thus I no longer go. Ability to reserve a private pool is something I would pay for.
  • The last time I went was right after thier destruction, it was so sad I thought I’’d never go back. If I could return, I would if it was rebuilt safel
  • Washington state needs to care for nature hot springs adding chemicals would do harm to water, plants living things in the forest.
  • I was invited and attended with the new property owner.
  • i think they should let people in as long as they jnow the rules and keep the area clean and help police the areas
  • The survey doesn’’t have a way to answer quotNo I haven’’t been there recentlyquot nevertheless it is a required question…
  • I have not gone since it was private.
  • I have not gone back to Secenic since the No Trespassing signs were posted
  • I thought that somthing was changing. The gate was there but opened and my lady and I seen no one eles the entire day. This was in August,2004
  • it was august of 04 and the gate was wide open and we seen no one eles all day long
  • I have not been to the springs,
  • Would that an inspired landowner would consider the wisdom of a long-term lease to a non-profit organization!
  • After the official closure, I was not up except by invitation.
  • The sign says enter at your own risk. If I am going there it will be at my own risk.
  • I am an outdoorsman,I cleanup and don’’t leave a mess and enjoy the natural for what it is and leave it as it is.Making the access easy will destroy it
  • Haven’’t been up since they closed, but had to answer this question!
  • I know they are privately owned but, I miss them.. I was called up to the springs by the springs
  • I have not been to scenic recently
  • Actually I presumed that people were not supposed to be on the property without permission.
  • I haven’’t been there recently, because they were closed down, but would enjoy them once they open again. I’’ve been to Goldmyer in the meantime.
  • I have not visited since the ’’closed’’ signs were put up.
  • Yes, I have been following the closure and hopeful re-opening.
  • this place is a gift from the earth. we all need to recharge at a place like scenic! (can anyone really own a gift from the earth?)
  • Have not been there since closed as announced in press.
  • We stopped going when we saw the signs.
  • I have not been up to the springs recently.
  • Aware SHS is closed
  • Have not been recently but answer is not provided
  • Have not been there since it closed, but did not realize it changed ownership.
  • I’’ve not been up since the closure, but would understanding that activity is limited and needs respect. Don’’t want to tarnish the efforts.
  • I visited twice in 1996. I was aware that the land was privately owned, but that we were allowed access contingent on our respect to the land.
  • Haven’’t been recently
  • Answer N/A, I knew they were closed and didn’’t go back after access had been restricted.
  • I haven’’t been since it’’s been closed.
  • I have obeyed owners desires and not visited the site
  • I know that no one is supposed to visit the site quotofficiallyquot, but it’’s still unclear to me how often decently behaved people are asked to leave.
  • I knew I was tresp. but couldn’’t stay away. sorry.
  • not been there yet
  • I have not been there since the closure
  • Yes I knew they were closed, thus I haven’’t gone.
  • I’’ve not been there recently
  • This survey is not set up for a person who has not been there yet.. I still want to see natural habitats remain natural, with out chemicals.
  • **NO ANSWER APPLIES** 11/09/04 got to gate and turned back 🙁 out of respect for owner. I would like a quotdonate for reservationquot system.
  • I have only gone up once since closure, and that was with Mike’’s permission.
  • I met Mike, and have to work parties in order to soak there
  • I’’m a member of Friends of Scenic Hotsprings and volunteer at work parties. Helped Mike last weekend


9. How important to you is the clothing-optional tradition at Scenic Hot Springs?
  • Clothed people have plenty of opportunities for recreation. People who don’’t want their kids to know about the human body, should go to a public pool!
  • The natural setting and unchlorinated waters from the earth demand that I use them naturally (nude) and if not available I would not go.
  • If this is a natural hot spring then you should be able to enjoy the springs naturally. Nudity has never been a problem in all the HS I have visited.
  • It is the premier clothing optional springs in the state
  • It is important that people have the opportunity to skinny dip in wilderness situations. Skinny dipping opportunities are getting very rare.
  • it is much more difficult to relax completely when you are clothed naked is the way to be
  • Although some might feel more comfortable clothed, for many of us nudity is the easiest way to get in touch with our spirituality.
  • who wears clothes in a hot-spring? It just doesn’’t seem right to.
  • It’’s absolutely essential! It definitely lends an air of acceptance whatever your nationality or beliefs.
  • I’’d prefer it to be on one day of the week or alternate Saturdays.
  • If I have to wear clothes, I will go elsewhere.
  • The key word is ’’optional’’, it is an individual choice how much we need to shield ourselves from ourselves.
  • Nudity is a natural state and is in complete harmony with the natural setting of Scenic. To require clothing to be worn is unhealthy and anti-nature.
  • The unrestrictive freedom of scenic is important. People made their own rules about clothing optional. Some did and some didn’’t.
  • Soaking in hot water while wearing clothes is about as uncomfortable as it comes…
  • I personally prefer to go nude, however I like a clothing optional policy for the benefit of everyone who wants to soak, however they choose.
  • It’’s the natural thing to do.
  • Part of the reason I would go through all the effort of hiking into the mountains. If I wanted to wear a swimsuit, I’’d go to my local pool.
  • if i wanted to wear a suit, i would go to a swimming pool
  • The springs have ALWAYS been CO! It is remote and everyone who goes there EXPECTS it to be CO! If Scenic is no longer CO I would NEVER visit again!
  • Naked is natural, this is a nature experience. Besides telling people they MUST wear clothing just adds to the temptation to disregard the rules.
  • it keeps the crowds down
  • Nudity at wilderness hot springs is a very strong tradition in this country. People who are uncomfortable with nudity need psychiatric evaluation.
  • Nudity is so repressed in our society, it was refreshing going somewhere where it was accepted.
  • I like it nude, but it always optional
  • Absolutely important.
  • Nude is OK. Nothing beat’’s the feel of a soak in the buff. Known nude sites attract fewer families with children a good thing for sanitation.
  • Soaking is a cultural thing. I feel that most of this culture is prone to soak nude, and to insist on suits is an infringement on our spirit.
  • i have no problem with nude people. Was born that way.
  • Its important to know that you’’re not the only one without a quotglamourquot body it builds community and positive body image that lacks greatly in the US.
  • Clothing optional allows people to develop self confidence in themselves by not being ashamed of our natural state.
  • Clothing optional practitioners seem to be more friendly and easy going.
  • Because it is a natural hot springs. There are plenty of other places to wear textiles…
  • Being nude is an integral part of a natural soaking experience
  • In our opinion, the only way to truly enjoy a soak,by yourself or with others, is to be minus all clothing. It is much more relaxing and healthier.
  • it is very relaxing to soak in the nude. especially after the hike.
  • It is the only way to soak in a natural hotsprings. Being naked and soaking strips away the tensions of everyday life and enhances the relaxation
  • The optional status allows for a choose for all.
  • I prefer the option, the choice should be mine to decide.
  • I enjoy the liberty of being able to soak in the nude if alone or others are in agreement.
  • It is my preference however, I am respectful of others’’ feelings and will enjoy a good soak either way.
  • Although I am not a naturalist, my experience with hot springs is that you do not wear clothing when soaking.
  • Most American’’s are really too uptight about nudity, but since it takes a long hike to get there, there should be no problems.
  • It is part of the natural, undeveloped hotsrpings experience.
  • I would not frequent the springs if it was not clothing optional.
  • do you take a bath or sauna in clothes? soaking natural is a part of my religion and i’’ll be damned if anyone trys to take that away!
  • Only those pure in heart and soul should enjoy the natural gift of the springs.
  • For Freedom’’s sake
  • The free spirited nature of Scenic was part of what made it so unique and beautiful. Why ruin that?
  • More convient than having to worry about a change room and alot more relaxing.
  • I prefer in gathering of strangers that clothing would be neccessary
  • The communion with nature and others in the natural state is freeing to the mind and healing to the soul.
  • That was the best part of my first visit. 50 people with only 3 wearing anything. And it was totally comfortable. The people were all so wonderful.
  • A natural soak means soaking au naturalle
  • Don’’t you think it’’s far more comfortable?
  • I like being in the buff. Maybe a clause asking people to not have sex in the water. Certainly no people with STD’’s
  • It is part of being so connected with nature, nothing sexual at all, just being au naturale etc…
  • If they are not CO, I won’’t come! The public needs to understand that modesty is a personal choice. You don’’t need to look at me! Enough already!
  • People should be able to enjoy naturein the way they want. The spring are out of the way and evveryone knows about the clothing optional trad-
  • Bathing nude sends a clear message that you are in nature and are expected to act differently than you do in town (nature is quotkingquot not you).
  • While I’’m a little out of my comfort zone, I think that it is a very important element to maintain and crucial to the culture of the springs.
  • clothing-optional is a large part of the excellent atmosphere that Scenic offers. Dont ever let it go!


11. Would you visit Scenic Hot Springs if the pool waters were treated and chlorinated?
  • it’’s biggest draw is that it is natural……
  • I understand health concerns but it seems like King County has an anti-naturist agenda. Isn’’t there enough water flow for the springs to be sanitary?
  • Natural hot springs aren’’t chlorinated
  • If Chlorinated treated they would not be natural. The chlorine smell is one to escape to gain pleasure in soaking. Flow is adequate to keep clean.
  • That ruins the natural part of the springs.
  • Alergic to chlorine
  • i love being able to soak in the natural hot water
  • When there are NATURAL springs elsewhere I would go there. If I wanted to go to a pool I would visit the YMCA.
  • Chlorine is a toxic poison
  • It would destroy the natural quality of the place. If I want to sit in chlorine, I can sit in my own bathtub. Please do not do this!
  • Little different than soaking in a hot tub
  • would destroy the quality, better to restrict the numbers by reservations aned $
  • Only if it was still clothing-optional. But having it chlorinated would be a great lost as it would destroy the unique properties of the water.
  • The whole point of soaking in the springs is that it is natural mineral water. If I wanted hot and chlorinated, I would get a hot tub.
  • I think chlorination will detract from Scenic Hot Springs would detract from the natural state of these waters.
  • I am mildly allergic to chlorine
  • Untreated would be better if all people were concerned enough about cleanliness, but since they generally aren’’t, I would still come.
  • I would probably still go occasionally, but would try to find other springs that aren’’t treated. Having to hike back down drive with no shower…
  • I can just buy a hot tub if I want clorination.
  • With the clorination it would be just like a swimming pool. I have a degree in microbiology, chlorination is not nessary. The flow will keep it clean.
  • Because I go there for a quotnaturalquot experience
  • I’’m a water safety specialist and spend 20 hours a week in 90 degree chlorinated water. I am very concerned how this would affect the wildlife.
  • I feel it is up to the owner of the property to decide on chlorination. Government should keep out of private property owner’’s rights!
  • I want a safe soak, free of anything harmful, if it means treating the water, so be it!
  • Given the flow of water and cost of a chlorination setup, clorination would be extremely foolish.
  • Putting toxic chemicals into the water will diminsh, but not negate, the benifits.
  • It is completely against the principles of nature. Besides, untreated spring water is very hygenic and less harsh on the body than chemicals.
  • They would not be a natural spring anymore.
  • for that hike i want it naturalle when i get there
  • It wouldn’’t be the same
  • I probably would but the treatment factor makes it restrictive, monitored, policed, and not in the nature of these kinds of springs.
  • Would be no better than any commercial establishment with the machinery, pumps, etc.
  • Because it entirely defeats the purpose of natural mineral water soaking. If I wanted chlorinated water I could go to any public pool.
  • It wouldn’’t be in it’’s natural state if treated with chemicals.
  • It would be unnatural and I would worry about the runoff contaminating the area below the springs. Also controlling the chlorine would be a problem.
  • Chlorine irritates my skin. We don’’t add it to Lk. Washington and thousands of people swim that lake.
  • i fi wanted to visit a chlorinated pool, i would go to the local rec center
  • Yes, I would but I would be so disappointed to see the springs chlorinated.
  • I don’’t drink chlorinated tap water and I certainly will not soak my body in chlorine.
  • NEVER! That is the whole POINT of the springs! They are NATURAL hot springs! You DESTROY the environment if you chlorinate it! Just go to the pool!
  • absolutey not, no, never. Protest with one’’s absense.
  • natural hot springs should remain natural… various springs around the planet each have their own chemical/mineral composition and unique offerings
  • I live in a city and have to put up with enough water that is contaminated with that industrial chemical. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Chlorine is not natural and defeats the purpose of soaking-lack of chlorine is why I like hot springs over a public jacuzzi- its unhealthy!
  • That would ruin the point of soaking in a natural hot spring!
  • Hate the idea of clorinating – but, love the place and would ’’endure’’ that process.
  • Because why go to a quotnaturalquot hotspring that ISN’’T natural
  • cleaner would be better
  • I’’ve never been to a wilderness hot spring that’’s cholorinated. I’’d try it once, but it sounds pretty kooky, and probably a bad idea.
  • I can soak in treated water at home on my deck.
  • If I wanted to sit in a chlorinated pool, I’’d sit in a hot-tub. Chlorinating the waters at Scenic would be the worse thing that could possbly happen.
  • Its not the God intented it
  • Provided that the water quotflows throughquot, I’’m not sure why it needs to be treated. If it must be treated, there are other ways than being clorinated.
  • I want to go to a quotnaturalquot spring. If a spring is chlorinated, I may as well skinny dip in a standard pool!
  • If the water is treated or fitered, it is no longer a natuaral soak. It is the same as a hotel pool, or my bath tub, and I can get that at home.
  • Chlorine is harmful to the environment and life in general. Chlorinating scenic would defeat the purpose, which is to cleanse the body and spirit.
  • I work with cleaners, city of Seattle change over to use Green cleaner.Nothing is chlorinated, No cleaning with bleach! would not be good for skin
  • The place would not feel nearly as special
  • I haven’’t heard that there is any quotspecial mineralquot value to the water there, so cleaner is fine.
  • chlorinated water isnt good as some people are allergic to that leave it Natural
  • They would not be natural then.
  • Probably, but I would not enjoy it as much.
  • If this was necessary in order to keep them open when considering the amount of traffic, it would be okay. There are other treatments available.
  • Why go to a natural hotspring when the water is not natural? I could use my hot tub if I wanted to sit in chorinated water.
  • But I’’d rather they not be. My understanding is that the flow is sufficient to allow the springs to be left untreated.
  • I don’’t care for the smell of chlorine, BUT, if this was one of the things that need to be done to be able to make the spring usable then, so be it.
  • if that is what it takes to get the spring back to quotusability’’. Don’’t really care for the smeel of chlorine though
  • Chlorinated hot springs are not materially different from the hot water I have available to me at home.
  • No I can go to a hot tub in town if I want chlorinated treated hot water.
  • They would no longer be natural waters, which is one of the most appealing aspects of Scenic.
  • I would still visit but the decision to return for a revisit would depend on the experence.
  • Just to see what they would be like. And then decide if I would enjoy coming back again.
  • Hot chlorinated water is disgusting and it destroys the natural energy of the water coming from the earth. I can sit in poisoned water at home.
  • anyone can go to a swimming pool but these are natural hotsprings, God created them for all of us.
  • Certainly less likely. I will be in the area later this month (Apr 11-20) and would like to visit, but would not think it worth the effort if treated
  • It wouldn’’t be a hot spring, it would be a swimming pool.
  • I love the view, The springs being chlorinated, although not preferable, would not keep me away
  • It would not be the same
  • If the water is treated than it really isn’’t a hot spring anymore and is just a pool of hot water that is outside.
  • If there is enough flow of water, I don’’t think they need to be treated. I might go if they were treated, but it depends on how bad the smell.
  • It would no longer be a natural hotsprings!
  • I can use my own hot tub for that. The water naturally has beneficial minerals.
  • why not just go to a gym hot tub? this is a natural gift from the earth and we should not treat the water. i would never go back
  • Just for an attempt to invoke the past memories, would not make a point to frequent beyond that.
  • I am allergic to chlorine. Scenic is one of the few places I can go for a soak. I can’’t even soak in a bathtub bc the public water is chlorinated.
  • Bleach sucks, chemicals are hard on the skin. Tell King County that many other commerial hot springs in the west do fine without treating the water.
  • Would no longer be natural.
  • Chlorinated water is unhealthy for many people myself included. It is also pointless if soaking pools are cared for properly.
  • The whole soaking in natural springs would not be natural anymore.
  • Depends upon the other environment issues, such as the facility, the quotrulesquot, the type of experience it will become. Not thrilled for commercialism.
  • I am not a huge fan of commercial springs. I prefer to quottake the waterquot – absorb the natural minerals in a more natural setting.
  • Yes, but I prefer a more natural environment. I would still come for the scenery, but some of the magic would be lost.
  • At least once to check it out
  • I would prefer natural but if it takes some chemicals to make things clean and safe I am ok with it.
  • I would miss it terribly, but treating the water would destroy the natural feel.
  • Maybe once to see what is done with the place, but not often.
  • Might as well go to a pool
  • it’’s no longer a natural site at this point
  • I could find a pool if I wanted treated and chlorinated water.
  • chlorine is a toxic chemical implicated in pancreatic cancer. we get enough of it in our mania to create the illusion of a sterile world
  • Chlorine irritates my skin. It’’s a noxious chemical that’’s unnecessary in a lot of cases, IMO.
  • Ozonation maybe, but chlorine? no way. I can find a hot tub in the city for that. Likely not very effective anyways.
  • I could visit anywhere for that! The springs are NATURAL which means no UNnatural chemicals! The springs are NOT pools! Doesn’’t King Co. understand?
  • its not a natural hot springs any more
  • There is a distinction between the natural mineral water one enjoys in a hot spring and the chlorinated water of a hot tub. I can go to a Tub at the Y
  • There would be no point.If I wanted a swimming pool I would stay in the city.Being in nature means taking risks.I feel it would ruin it.
  • Light bromine (5-10 ppm) doesn’’t bother me at all, and in some ways I might feel more comfortable if it were present, though I enjoy natural water too
  • un touched is better
  • I may visit once, but that takes away from the natural aspect of the pools. They should be left natural


12. It is proposed that a parking area be provided in the lower corner of the hot springs property and that a ‘caretaker’ be hired to control access and provide some security for the site. Would you be in favor of a reasonable user fee to cover the caretaker’s wages?
  • as long as they are providing parking and parking lot security only….
  • It’’s sad that things have to be gaurded but there are too many people out there who would attempt to destroy what is beautiful and good in the world.
  • Not every user respects and maintains a gift of nature such as this. I would be more than willing to pay a fee to have a better experience.
  • Not in favour of easier access. Hiking from the highway is just fine. Caretaker, fee, limits on numbers are a necessary evil.
  • I don’’t think that would be a problem especially if the springs are kept up and natural.
  • Absolutely. For such an unique experience I would gladly support it. And it would give me more comfort to know that my car is relatively safe.
  • I think a parking lot would be a great idea for the scenic hot springs. The rocky area now is pretty difficult for most city vehicles.
  • no more than $5
  • depends on the cost. Less than $10.00 yes.
  • Depends if I agree that it’’s quotreasonablequot.
  • I’’ve heard that cars being broken into is an issue down there… depends on what quotreasonablequot is though. 🙂
  • I don’’t want to have to pay per use to use the hotsprings, but if it takes an attendant to keep vandalism down, I would.
  • I think it would help stop car breakins. And reasonable meaning $5.00 per person or less.
  • I don’’t mind paying for the privilege of visiting Scenic but a lot would depend on the price and the quotrulesquot for access.
  • It’’s private property, right? 5 bucks seems fair. Security would be appreciated.
  • The owner should pay for the caretaker as it’’s his/her property.
  • If it made the place safe for me.
  • Define ’’reasonable’’. Would prefer a ’’care’’taker but NOT a supervisor.
  • Only if it were proven to reduce vandalism and seciurity concerns.
  • The responsibility is too much for one quotcaretaker.quot It is much better left free from outside interference.
  • Depends on where the money would go and who would be accountable for it.
  • Absolutely necessary to this site is to have management. In order to have management you need to have money. It would certainly be worth it.
  • It wsould keep out the riff raff.
  • visited meager creek when it was taken care of by a japanese fellow and a french canadian. it was fantastic
  • yes yes yes yes
  • This is possible. I would have to know more about it.
  • I’’m torn both ways with that thought! Scenic is still relatively unknown and a caretaker would promote extra usage which takes away from remoteness
  • why not put a wall around, an astrodome over the top and turnstiles ?? then of course mcdonalds….a cinema maybe for evening times…
  • Define quotreasonablequot – I would be willing to pitch in $1 per person per visit or $5 per carload, but anything more than that seems excessive.
  • I would be in favor as long as the caretaker was welcoming and the costs did not get too outragous (and people didnt get greedy).
  • Makes perfect sense. The few people on the edge of the bell curve who want to make trouble could be filtered out before they get near the site.
  • and i could park my SMALL RV THERE AND STAY FOR STAY A WHILE
  • I wouldn’’t mind paying a fee up to $20
  • safety and secruity
  • Provide more than adequate secutiry against car prowls, and I’’ll pay for it. A soak is not so calming if your car is damaged afterwards (i.e. Bagby)
  • I feel that a fee should be optional based on how one is a part of the community. Do you want to help improve the spring? You get to soak for free.
  • i would pay for the care of this place with a fee. With parking it would be a safer for all away from HWY 2
  • I really liked that the hot springs had no signage or facilities at the bottom and that people got there by word of mouth.
  • I believe it would improve the quality of the experience greatly by reducing/eliminating vandals.
  • More security the better.
  • Absolutely one of the best ways to control overuse.
  • This site desperatlyu needs a caretaker
  • It would,hopefully keep out some of the type of jerks that got the springs closed in the first place.Ladies would feel more comfortable.
  • hopefully that would keep some of the type of people that helped get it shut down,, out.
  • To many rules, regulation, and fees will turn me off to visiting the site.
  • Most definitely
  • Because I know if a caretaker has to be hired it would cost money and to take care of the cost does not seem unreasonable to me.
  • as long as someone used common sense as the caretaker and provided sometype of benefit
  • A nominal user fee in order to keep it usable and keep abusers out is fine. An excessive fee or no benefit from it is unacceptable.
  • I understand it’’s important to maintain this site on private property to have fees but my personal desire is to seek true wild hot springs.
  • I think it would be great to have a caretaker. Scenic got abused because people thought they could do whatever they wanted there.
  • It would depend upon the cost, and the services provided.
  • Every springs I have seen under control become better springs. Cougar (in Eugene Oregon) was being trashed until the forest service took over!
  • reasonable is the key here. i have yet to pay to soak in the 50-some-odd springs i’’ve soaked in and it would have to be really reasonable.
  • While prefer all users hike 2+miles to get there, the caretaker role is likely the best alternative currently.
  • It would be better to improve the clientelle than higher security. (I know I’’m dreaming)
  • To keep things under control so that King County would not have to intervin again. In addition this might keep the number of car break ins down.
  • Reasonable is in the eye of the beholder. Too much and I would feel ripped off and not go. Otherwise it would be nice not to have to worry.
  • Would people still have the option to drive to the trail head?
  • Control access? Security is a good thing, but don’’t over-commercialize it. Make us hike, make us earn the experience.
  • If the HS is going to be commercialized, it is probably wise to hire a caretaker.
  • Absolutely! I am a park ranger and I have seen the benifit to charging a reasonable user fee for desired services or access to special areas.
  • I guess a caretaker may be a necessity
  • Theoretically, self-policing would be nice. Though, admittedly, it didn’’t work entirely all that well before.
  • Yes! It would cut down on the wild parties and sex in the water that is likely to happen at parties. It needs protection being close to Seattle.
  • Only if the springs remained clothing optional and the user fee was truly reasonable ~$5 (max $10) and maybe a yearly pass or friends-of-scenic pass.
  • a parking fee ($5) per vehicle is reasonable, car pooling reduces costs/person.
  • As long as the hot springs stay clothing optional, and it doesn’’t attract quotnewquot users who want to change that, I am fine with a caretaker
  • if it is kept natural
  • Absolutely! Keep the partiers out, limit usage, provide security. Great idea!
  • If there were a carataker, I would certainly agree on paying a fee. However, I do not think it necessary, and agree to the risk when I park.
  • depends on the level of care vs cost.


13. It has been suggested that a portion of the Scenic Hot Springs property be designated clothing-optional outside of the soaking pools. This area would be marked and located away from the general public areas. Would you have any objections to providing this venue?
  • We need a safe and legal place to practice naturalism
  • Public nudity in a closed venue like Scenic Hot Springs is not illegal or improper.
  • Again, the quottextile dependant peoplequot have plenty of venues in this state. They need to get over their Victorian hang-ups about the human body.
  • The entire experience of soaking, cooling off, relaxing, socializing in a natural setting – while natural (nude)- is highly desirable.
  • Would depend on what restrictions on the pool area were imposed to go along with it.
  • This spring will be used by first time hot springers and it may be a concern for some of those that have difficulty with nudity and families.
  • There should only be a small section for people who wantclothes. Most should beoptional
  • Would the pools still be clothing optional? But other than that I would be a strong supporter of clothing optional areas.
  • Depends on where this area is and how close to the soaking tubs it is.
  • Insofar as the tubs and decks can still be clothing-optional, I don’’t have a problem with this.
  • why be clothing optional outside the pools, cookouts? -) As long as this isn’’t at the cost of clothing optional pools
  • I think the springs should be CO along with the surrounding land.
  • No objections at all – why would I care about nudity outside of the water, if it’’s ok in the water?
  • If people want to wear clothes let them stay in civiliztion! They shouldn’’t expect anything but nude bathing in the wilderness.
  • CO is the reason to visit!
  • I would be eager for the entire world to be CO.
  • Depends on the size of area designated. I feel CO use should be the norm, and not treated as something that needs to be screened from view.
  • The beauty of the soak is to be clothing free. Folks don’’t go there just to be naked they go to enjoy the pools. There isn’’t much else, which is fine.
  • I have no problen with clothing optional areas.
  • I think the whole thing should be clothing optional.
  • The whole area should be clothing optional!
  • Unclear question what matters is that the pools are c/o, no need or real benefit to additional c/o areas separate from the pools.
  • why would i let other people decide what i can and cant wear, its ludicrous. It is an invasion of my personal freedom forcing me to wear something
  • Badly worded question. Yes I am in favor of BOTH the springs and an EXTRA area being CO around the springs!You need bigger comment boxes!
  • compromise (trick) question, to agree = to dis- allowing naturist activites within the pools area, disagree = to dis-allow naturist activites per se.
  • I think the soakiung pools should be clothing optional. An additional area outside the soaking pools would be fine, but not as a replacement.
  • There’’s nothing wrong w/ clothing optional(hence the optional part)its discriminting against people who choose that over people who don’’t!
  • Would make for a good area to sunbathe au natural w/o troubling others
  • yes, because i want to soak naturally in a spring
  • no.I have no objection,but I think it is not needed
  • No.but I see no need
  • it might keep out the easily offended
  • I think the nudity keeps the really creepy people out. But if you keep them in a pen away from me, sure.
  • If the main area wasn’’t clothing optional, I wouldn’’t bother to go there. It would ruin the concept that Scenic was founded on.
  • I’’m a nudist. Those who are not, have their choice- bathing suits. I have mine-naked!
  • Appeasing, or accommodating, one group of users more than others will drive the minority users away. Think balance.
  • Altough i think the whole area be clothing optional and feel that if the springs themselves are, then why make an area outside?
  • i think mark off area should be in place for clothing-optional pools
  • Brrrrrr. I want to hang out naked in the pools with snow all around me
  • doesn’’t matter if a non-CO area is available, so long as a CO area is preserved.
  • I would prefer for the entire area to be considered clothing-optional, rather than zoning off a specific clothing optional section.
  • if people are offended by nudity then they should not be there as nude is NOT lewd behavior
  • Huh? Clothing optional outside the pools? Don’’t know what that means a nudist camp? Not interested.
  • I feel that people should be able to be clothing free, but without offending others
  • What a great idea!
  • It is relaxing to be able to get out of the pools and walk a ways unclothed,take a nap or ?? and then go back to a pool with out having to get dressed
  • Soaking nude is the most relaxing way and the most healthy, in our opion.
  • The entire area should be clothing optional, I have nothing to hide
  • The entire site operated successfully for years as a clothing optional site. There was no hue cry over it before. Why should there be one now?
  • Clothing optional is my prefered, how much is clothed C/o would be my question.
  • does this mean that the pools would no longer be clothing optional? is so, then no…I want the pools to be clothing optional at all costs.
  • Provided the soaking pools remain CO
  • This implies that the pools all require clothing. What is the point of clothing-optional areas outside the pools? I want to soak nude, not sit nude!
  • who takes a bath with their clothes on anyways
  • My perfect world is like in Japan where no clothes is just the norm, but I realize this is the US so that is a good compromise.
  • I would not like it if there pools were not CO. If I wanted to sunbath nude, I’’d go to Lake Bronson or my backyard.
  • Either make it clothing optional OR required.
  • if you don’’t like nudity, go to the public swiming pool. there are people worshiping here.
  • Only if there were some hot springs to soak in, what’’s the point without the water?
  • No objections, but I guess I don’’t understand any need for having the clothing optional seperated from the general public.
  • It would be better to leave the whole property clothing optional.
  • Frankly 99.999999999% of the country is non-clothing optional and this seems like a good spot for the opposite.
  • I think you would lose a lot of people not being clothing optional.
  • There’’s a bit of naturist in many of us.
  • If the HS is going to be commercialized, then it would be gracious to allow the nudies to run free (since they were there first, and all)
  • quotOutside the poolsquot? What’’s the point of going up there, then?
  • So, ALL of the pools would require clothing? I would prefer a pool or too being naked-friendly.
  • Must still have a clothing optional pool.
  • Nude areas should be marked for those who are not [yet] into the optional thing. But, not so far away please, like secluded.
  • The whole area should be Clothing Optional. King Co, has some real hangups about remote places being nude use allowed. It is not illegal to be nude!
  • The enjoyment of quotclothing optionalquot is to SOAK that way! What’’s the point of having the CO area OUTSIDE of the soaking pools?
  • Nudity should not be required nor restricted while bathing.Could be restricted while lounging.Everyone knows up front or they don’’t go = fewer users
  • We make nudity more important than I think it should be. Nudity is natural and okay, I would have no objections to this.
  • sounds like a great idea to me


14. Here are a few things that could be instituted at Scenic in time, some sooner than others. Check those items you would really be interested in.
  • It would be great if the whole place could be a Naturist’’s sactuary or at least totally tolerant of the Naturist ideal. As clothing free be the norm?
  • For the best experience it is desirable to keep everything as undeveloped as possible while providing for minimal services.
  • Especially the fenced dog runs
  • Great ideas But if the Springs aren’’t clothing optional I would not be going to the springs at all.
  • I would like to see a guided trail up to the hotsprings. Lighted areas for the more difficult passes especially at night.
  • They are all excellent ideas – particularly the restrooms if it helps control abuse
  • It would be cool to have a couple of tree houses that folks could reserve (instead of camping in a tent).
  • I’’d prefer to let the dogs roam free and let people clean up after their own pooches.
  • Ban dogs.
  • not too much, don’’t want the place overrun with people
  • I’’d like to see none of the above. These other activities would only draw folks contrary to the natural intent of Scenic.
  • keep it as pristine as possible and as remote as possible, otherwise the traffic is too high, and a fragile ecosystem is put into jeopardy
  • Clothing optional area.
  • As long as all of this is clothing optional! I DON’’T want to see all of these things happen! Keep it UNdeveloped and remote! Less is MORE! Thanks!
  • They took paradise and put up a parking lot !! 🙂
  • rustic basic showers for people to wash off in before soaking (to aid in the cleanliness and sanitation).
  • Hm, a lot of these are appealing but could turn the area into a major destination that could over tax the delicate environment.
  • none, i want a natural setting
  • ugh, sounds like all that would ruin the experience for me.
  • Keep it simple!!!!!
  • If access could be controled, it would be nice to be able to lease the site, or parts of it, for private events.
  • i have been to alot of hot springs have seen all the codes above work! Washington needs to have a gem like this to share.
  • please endevor to keep the site as natural as possible. If it is overdeveloped, it will lose its beauty
  • NOt interested in bringing in more people.
  • Dog runs?
  • secure parking is probaly a priority for us
  • Dogs (pets) with the exception of ADA assistance animals should be bared from the Spring area
  • All of these sound good to me.
  • I am not interested in any of the suggestions offered.
  • keep the dogs away, they bark too much and take away from the peacefulness and serene relaxing
  • Pools at the source site (location of the current tubs). Because the hottest waters.
  • Just leave it natural.
  • These things other than restrooms and camping would probably just attract more people than is appropriate. There were camping areas before.
  • RV parking at the bottom.
  • Designated quiet areas for yoga, meditation, and communing with nature. I believe that Scenic is a sacred place – that type of balance would honor it.
  • Greater accesibility means larger crowds which is always a downer for the hardcore naturalists and leads to problems that caused the closure
  • No dogs!!
  • I would like to see NONE of these. The less development the better
  • I want it left in it’’s natural state with no additions
  • Really, decently maintained access trails and pools are what I’’m looking for at Scenic. The rest is available elsewhere, why would Scenic need it?
  • dogs under control would be a nice touch.
  • A restroom is a must, at least an outhouse.
  • Clothing optional hiking trails would be a blast!
  • NO FENCED DOG RUNS! I would like to see a large sign that explains about Springs being nude use in almost all cases. We need the public to understand
  • Guess I’’m not practical. quotResortsquot like Sol Duc have their place.
  • I prefer to keep the traffic at the springs to a minimum, and implementing many of these ideas would detract from the experience for me.