It’s come to my attention that various forums and groups have been posting that Scenic Hot Springs is open to the public. We need to dispel this notion. Scenic Hot Springs IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

The scuttlebutt is a result of various postings on the Internet and the continued good graces of the owner. Also, this property is very difficult to prevent access. So let me be blunt . . . if you are seen hiking the property on your way up to the hot springs, you will be challenged. However, to be realistic, this is wilderness and there is little we can do about controlling access other than to post ‘No Tresspass’ signs to limit the liability to the owner.

Various individuals do have permission to be on this property and that seems to encourage others to ask for permission for themselves as well. The owner of Scenic has rewarded those who assist in various aspects (clean-ups, giving input or collecting data, etc.) by giving them explicit permission to be on this property. This is their reward for their help so please don’t ask me for permission cards . . . that dilutes the value of the cards of those who earned them. If you want to earn your own card (and permission to be on the property), have something to contribute toward bringing the dreams of a re-opened Scenic Hot Springs to fruition. Watch this blog for upcoming ‘clean-up’ parties. There is a lot of mess left over from the ‘glory days’ of the springs that must be removed that same way it was brought in . . . by hand. There is trail maintenance and litter clean-up activities to correct those less respectful tresspassers. There is a real need for those with geotechnical or topographical surveying expertise. Let us know. If you are helping out, then you get the right to be on the property. Simple as that. Don’t ask and then contribute nothing in return.