Not much snow in the mountains . . .  some definite challenges.

Warm weather and rain keep delaying the recovery of the Lobster Pot springs and pool.  At last report, Lobster was climbing near body temperature.

Bear Den, the other spring source and pool, is highly resistant to ground water melt and rain.  It is holding a toasty 104F.

This is the access road leading to the gate and the route up to the hot springs.  Normally, at this time of year there is a six-foot tall snow plow berm across the entrance.  Now there is hardly any obstacle . . . except that extremely slippery thick sheet of ice right at the busy highway entrance.  It is possible to drive up to the gate (without blocking the gate) but the trip back down is going to be dicey with chances of skidding right into traffic on the highway.  Stick to the alternate parking for right now (that is, if you have permission).  Update:  Even that ice is now gone (2-9-2015)

Rock Alley, about halfway up the trail.  This time of year it should be completely plugged with Cascade Concrete (the wet and heavy snow that makes for impassable bars to progress).
The upper bench on approx level with the hot springs.  This is just after making the one switchback on the trail . . . and about 500 feet from the pools.  The record snow height was in ’96 with just under twenty feet of snow on this upper bench.  Intrepid visitors would eventually carve tunnel-like paths with their snow shoes to the hot springs.  No snow right now and that is worrying: the snow-pack is our water supply and it is only about 40% of normal.  Expect some serious drought problems this summer . . . and dangerous fire conditions.