Autumn is upon us with cooler weather . . . soon to be cold weather.  A sensible precaution from Matt . . . carry a couple of large trash bags with you and use them to keep your clothing and other belongings dry while you soak.  The plastic trash bag will keep your clothes safe and out of the rain . . . and also prevent the huge amount of humidity near the springs from dampening your clothes and making for a cold, miserable trip back down the mountain after your soak.
As a Friend of the Wilderness, that trash bag can also do double-duty to pack out some of the trash left by other, inconsiderate people.  And, in a sudden downpour, poke a couple of holes in an extra sack for arms and head to make a makeshift and very effective poncho.
Cold weather is coming soon.  In the last several years, first snowfall at Scenic has been around the middle of October.  Be prepared!  After soaking your skin will be thoroughly hydrated and very susceptible to cold injuries (frost nip, frost bite, hypothermia) Avoid wearing cotton as cotton, wet, saps heat faster than if you were nude.  The cliche with outdoor types is that “cotton kills”.  Practice layering and wear a weather-proof outer shell.  Have gloves and some sort of warm hat.
Put away the sneakers and light-weight hiking shoes.  Time to pull out the hiking boots.  The trail up to Scenic is steep and rough . . . slippery in wet weather.  Protect your feet from rolling an ankle with sturdy footwear.
Lastly, if you haven’t requested and received permission, do so before traipsing onto private property.  It’s easy to do so with an email to and we rarely turn anyone down if they accept the Conditions of Access.  If nothing else, at least let somewhere know where you are going.
Finally, these activities are expressly prohibited on Scenic property:

  • Night time visits or camping
  • Campfires or fires of any kind
  • Pets (specifically dogs)
  • Motorized vehicles of any kind (with the exception of BPA, Law Enforcement, and Scenic reps)
  • Firearms (this also becomes a Federal offense if carried or fired within the BPA clearcut)