The snow levels are dropping and the precip going up . . . in other words, a lot of snow is going to be dumped in the Scenic area starting Wednesday night and continuing throughout the weekend, so be prepared.

– Snow levels around 1,500 feet . . . that’s well below the FS road entrance on Highway 2 and you can just bet the snow plows clearing the highway will be piling a snow/ice dam across the entrance. Don’t get trapped.

– Dress appropriately and carry the right gear. Expect freezing rain as the snow level yo-yo’s up and down. You may have to snowshoe it if it gets too deep.

– Be careful of ice accumulation suddenly rocketing to earth from the BPA power lines when you are hiking under them. Pay particular attention to snow accumulations on the slopes above you. Gravity has a tendency to make that snow come down on top of hikers.

– Note the trail back . . . particularly the upper stretch because we have already had people getting lost and disoriented when they couldn’t make out the trail back down.

– Let someone know that you are up there in case something happens and you do get trapped.

Better yet . . . wouldn’t you rather stay home and enjoy time with family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend?

Rick (aka banged_up_shins)