Spring is finally making a comeback but an unfortunate aspect of that is that all that snow up there is begining to melt and the spring sources are being affected.  This trend will continue probably until into late April-early May until the saturation of cold groundwater drops and the shallow springs can recover.
There are two spring sources used up at Scenic .. . Lobster and Bear Den.  Lobster is affected the most and is currently running at high volumes and cold (50F) temperatures.  The other feed (Bear Den) is more or less unaffected and will remain at comfortable soaking temperatures throughout the spring snow melt.
What this means is that there is only enough flow to keep one pool usable at this time and we will have to limit the number of visitors permitted to a max of six daily.  Please consider the diminished temps and flows during this annual events before requesting permission to visit.
The other concern we have are of those trying to get creative with the plumbing at Scenic.  Please don’t.  It took volunteers several hours to correct a problem up there this past weekend.

BTW, there is still a ton of snow on the slopes up to the hot springs.  Snow shoes are still needed.