Spring is sneaking up on us (despite today’s snow in the mountains).  In the last week we have have a number of warmer, above freezing days and this has led to some melting at the lower elevations.
That’s where I fell into when the snow crumbled underfoot!
In particular, the snow berm along the highway is weakening and has a number of sections giving way under weight (yours truly managed to find a weak section and fall through ten feet right into the run-off ditch and get soaking wet)..  Since winter parking is a quarter mile down Hwy 2 . . . requiring a hike up the highway, the snow berm created by the plows over the winter has become a popular way of getting up the highway.  As the snow weakens, please use caution when hiking atop the berm.  Use your poles to probe ahead of you and test each step before putting full weight down.  It may be more prudent to hiking the opposing shoulder of the highway and then use caution to cross at the entrance.
So far, the upper elevations remain hardpacked with little postholing or need for snowshoes.  However, the steeper sections are definitely icing and getting slippery.  Extra traction in the form of Trax or crampons is highly suggested.
This snowbridge at least held!

Near the Honeymoon runoff

A tight passageway up Rock Alley
Most snow gone from around the pools