There is still a lot of snow up at Scenic but this warm weather is melting it rapidly. I took a lot of photo’s for Mike (109 to be exact) so I won’t post them all here but you can peruse them at Flickr.

The springs are still running hot (Lobster at 111F and Bear Den at 100F). The pool was in terrible condition with a lot of dirt and green algae growth. I ran into seven young men soaking in the pool (in long baggy shorts, no less). These same men had parked rather dangerously on the access to the Forest Service road and I gave them the standard no-no warnings and then asked them to go about scrubbing out the pool and then siphoning it. They were nice enough about it that I let the trespassing thing pass after cluing them in on the status. Besides, they also had a trash bag to pick up stuff.

Snow averages 2-3 feet in most places with a few bare patches, most noticibly near creeks and springs. Better than last week but we still need warm weather to hasten this melt. In any case, enjoy the photos. Click on the title link to go to them.