The pools will be emptied and relined during this maintenance event.  There are several other projects going on, including some culvert clearing and trash removal.  During this clean-up event only those involved in the work party will be authorized on the hot springs property.

This is a two-day event with activity going on throughout the weekend.  Casual visitors will be turned away . . . and no requests for access will be approved until the maintenance is completed.

This clean-up party is a chance to thank those people who have, in the past several months, requested permission and been approved in advance of their visit.  It is a chance to get together help out the springs and, enjoy a rare opportunity for some night soaking, a picnic, and potentially supervised camping overnight while the clean-up is ongoing.

Those invited will enjoy the springs on us (once the new liners are in place).  If you have been invited to participate (and want to), please RSVP   If I forgot to invite anyone please let me know soon as we need a head count for the food.

As always, Scenic is clothing-optional and I will certainly be working on my tan lines.  Changing liners is a wet and messy job . . . there is simply not other way.  So feel free to be as comfortable as you want.