Thank you everyone
for meeting our goals

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to meet our estimated repair costs for Scenic Hot Springs.  The planned repairs are not complicated, but they are (or will be) labor-intensive.  So we also look forward to seeing many of you (donating or not) at the work parties . . . once we schedule them.

Meanwhile I am going to follow a suggestion from one of our regular supporters, Chris K., whom suggests I post an explicit reward list.  So, here it is:
  • Trail Detail (help with hauling): Comp visit for one
  • Two Work Sessions (on site help) 2 Comp visits for two
  • Three Work Sessions:  Season Pass for 2 (thru March 2017)
  • $50 Donation:  3 Comp visits for 2
  • $100 Donation:  Season Pass for 2
These comp rewards do not alleviate the need to obtain advance permission and may not be used on dates of Private Events, full capacity, or reserved events.