One of our visitors (Jeremy) provided a great picture of the hot springs yesterday . . . and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Want to know what Scenic conditions are?  Enjoy this pic for an idea.

Scenic on the afternoon of New Years Eve.  Photo credit to Jeremy
The pool on the left is the Bear Den pool, fed from a source beneath a large boulder behind the visitor (Ryan).  The Bear Den sources are very stable year-round and this pool is holding a nice a toasty 102-104F.
The pool on the right is the Lobster Pot pool and is fed from sources to the far right of the picture.  These sources run shallow and are very susceptible to rain-water and snow-melt mixing.  This pool normally runs two to four degrees higher that  Bear Den.  As of a few days ago, Lobster Pot was reported to be slowly recovering but not yet there.  Given a week or so of cold weather, Lobster Pot will hold it own.