There will be a Scenic Hot Springs Work Party on October the 15th for those who wish to attend. In general, we are looking at clearing some more brush from the trails and in the area just west of the present pool. We would also like to do some proactive clearing of culverts on the BPA road and, if possible, installation of water bars on the trail to control erosion that spring snowmelt and rains will likely bring.

This is a volunteer effort with the knowledge and blessings of Mike, the owner, who will also be present. We will meet at the gate on FS 850 at 9-9:30AM and for those vehicles capable, proceed on up to the BPA clearcut area to park. A limited number of high-clearance, 4WD vehicles will be able to drive all the way to the trailhead but parking is limited up there.

After the work party we will, of course, head up to the springs to enjoy a much-earned soak . . . and if we are lucky, a gourmet meal from Robert (NG).

Note that cold, wet weather is here and snow is not far behind. Dress appropriately. I recommend:

  • A complete set of dry clothes in your car should you get soaked.
  • Wear lightweight thermals if appropriate. The weather can turn cold very fast up there.
  • Avoid cotton jeans . . . if they get wet they will not dry and will sap the heat right out of you body. Cotton Kills. Wear a water resistant outer shell (rain suit) and dress in layers so that you can remove or add as appropriate.
  • Sturdy, water-resistant work boots or hiking boots with two pairs of socks (the inner preferably a polypro wicking pair). Lightweight hiking shoes or sneakers are inappropriate on the wet and oftern muddy slopes. Keep your feet warm.
  • A good pair of work gloves to protect your hands. This is wet weather so I also recommend you tuck a small towel in your waistband to dry you hands; and that you carry another pair of gloves to warm your hands.
  • Carry extra socks, a wool sweater and a few other comfort items in a knapsack. I stuff a trash bag as well to protect the knapsack from the elements.
  • A towel for after enjoying the hot springs.
  • Water

Rick (banged_up_shins)