Scenic Hot Springs: Major Avalanche Warning for the Scenic Area
I made it to the springs January 31. It took me 4 hours due to the fresh snow. The previous trail was drifted in, so the idea was to walk next to the old groove. The snow was waist deep when I stepped in the previous groove. All this was with snow shoes on.
It was a disappointment when we got there to find the tempature is off a couple degrees. The springs always go colder when the rivers are running high, as the case has been for a month. Also, someone has been digging around in the source to try to “make it better”. Little do the know is the a colder spring has been added to the mix. There are several cracks in the bedrock at the source, each with its own spring. The springs could be better, but I’m not going to seperate the sources only to find someone else thinks the are helping. One more time folks, “this is private property”. I dont care what you think you know, its not yours to fix. Can I come to your house and fix your plumbing while your not home? I’m not a plumber, you wouldnt like what I would do.
I also found a pesto log on the deck. NO FIRES ALLOWED. It makes a statement when someone brings fire to a not so hotsprings, if they were that good there would be no need for a fire.