both of the hot springs pools suffered major damage just days before the Winter snow
started falling. Because of this we have had to close the hot springs
for the rest of the Winter until we can repair the damage after snow
At that time we will have to HAND-CARRY all the supplies necessary to make repairs.  This cannot be done with spring snow still on the trail. That means we will not be honoring any request to visit Scenic. 

We have been receiving a number of requests to snowshoe at Scenic.  Might I suggest that the Surprise Creek area is a better choice for snowshoeing at this time.  We have had reports of jury-rigging temporary pools at the spring site with evidence of snowshoers involved.  Any tampering or modification of the springs just to satisfy a desire to soak regardless of Scenics’ plight, will not be tolerated.  If you are caught up there without permission we will press 1st Degree Trespass charges.  Now is not the time to further degrade the condition of the hot springs with your short-sighted modifications.

That being said, I do appreciate all the well-wishing and offers to help out.  We will be posting several events this coming springs to repair and bring the springs back for your enjoyment.  Repairs are going to be expensive . . . if you would like to donate toward repairs we would appreciate it greatly.  And we will remember thos that help out.