One of our volunteers was up there yesterday and reports “a ton of snow up there!”  Much more is expected today and snowshoes are definitely needed to deal with the snow.  Fortunately, a trail has been packed down . . . unfortunately, with continued snow falling that trail will soon be filled in.  Winter conditions, folks.
As of 3pm yesterday (Saturday) there was a four foot snow berm across the entrance to FS850.  Therefore, parking before the gate will not be possible and the alternative parking area will have to be used.
The pools are running good and toasty (if uninvited visitors would quit disconnecting the feeds).  Mike (the owner) has supplied us with an additional trail camera which we will place near the trail coming up.
For an idea of the road conditions I took a video while driving back down from the pass.  Mind, the plows had done a pretty good job of clearing the highway.  It does give you an idea of the amount of snow that has fallen just at the 2,400 ft level (remember, the springs are at 3,520 ft and two miles onto the mountainside.)  The video starts at just west of the springs access road down just past the Deception Creek rest area.