Addendum:  Since this post conditions have changed drastically in the Cascades.  The predicted La Nina snow has arrived and we have had winter storm alerts for the Cascades for most of the past week and into this coming week (Feb-Mar).  

New snow of 12-15 inches, compacted to the ground.  Snowshoes are not necessary, even off trail.  There are some areas of melt and freezing producing ice sheets so crampons, spikes or really good boot tread is a good idea.

Temperatures:  The colder weather has locked up melt.  Therefore, the springs have recovered somewhat.  Bear Den, the pool to the left when looking down, is running a good 105F in the pool.
Lobster Pot, the pool to the right, is being fed only from the lower source and is running just above body temperature due to damage to the spring sources. The upper feed has created a new exit and is running down the slope.  We hope to have this corrected within a few days.  The upper feed is running a more normal temperature of 115F, which would make the Lobster soak very nice, indeed.
We do request that no one attempt to correct the problem on their own. These feeds are very sensitive.  The last time someone tried to help out (i.e., read ‘improve’ the hot springs) they inadvertently uncovered a cold spring that forever dropped the upper feed from it’s historic 122F to 118F.  Please do not mess with the feeds.  Leave this up to Matt and myself as we know what’s going on underground.
The site was really clean.  Thanks everyone for helping to keep Scenic clean and pristine.  Both pools could use a good scrubbing and siphoning.  If you feel up to it, it would be much appreciated. 
I did have to turn around a party of four and a party of two up there without permission.  As I was leaving at nightfall, I noticed a rather large party in the far distance hiking the clearcut uphill on the west side of Scenic Creek from the Surprise Creek area.  I watched them for a long time from a distance as they attempted to bushwack in darkness on steep slopes and ravines.  I suspect they were attempting the hot springs from an envisioned back route.  I doubt very much they made it as Scenic Creek and the Lower Scenic Falls is in the way and that creek is more properly classified a fast flowing river with it’s flow (more water than Deception Creek).  Too far away to warn off so I didn’t stand around waiting.  That route is dangerous and impassable.  Please don’t go wandering around in unknown areas at night.
Lower Scenic property entering the clearcut-snowshoes not required
The trail headed up.  Be sure of your footing . . . the steeper sections are slippery

The upper spring source has found a new path, eroding over the steps.
Repairs are planned in the next few days.

Bear Den, toasty soak, Lobster, body temperature and that pool
can definitely use a cleaning.