In general:  The snow melt has dropped the temps of the Lobster Feeds to very cold.  Therefor that pool’s feed has been redirected.

The other pool is fed from a different set of hot springs sources and those temperatures are remaining good.  The water in the Bear Den Pool is around 105F and a good soak.

A large tree has fallen just off the FS road near the gate

First evidence of snow just short of the first bypass

A tree fallen across the road on th upper FS road prior to the clearcut

The clearcut and BPA roads are snowfree

A stream is cutting across the road and damaging it near where the second bypass begins

Always a problem, this culvert on the upper BPA road is in need of cleaning out.

The beginning of the hot springs trail, looking up toward the Honeymoon Creek area

Snow deepens just above Meadows Creek

Rock Alley, snow free.  Probably because of snowmelt running down

The snow above Rock Alley.  This section is steep, the snow giving and heavy with ice beneath.

Ankle-biters.  Watch where you step lest you step through into voids like this.

Much easier going on the upper bench above the switchback

A tree fallen near the old latrine

Lobster Pool.  Frigid and dirty.  I emptied and cleaned this pool, redirecting the feeds away.
Bear Den does remain nice and comfy for a soak (105F)

On the way back down, taking the FS road instead of the bypasses
there are a few large trees blocking vehicle access