Scenic Hot Springs is still recovering from the late-spring snowmelt that affects one of the two pools . . . the Lobster Pot.  The two pools at Scenic are fed from separate hot springs feeds.  The three feeds that come into the Lobster Pot (normally the hotter springs) are affected by snowmelt and the accompanying shallow ground water that drops the pool temperatures unacceptably low.  The Lobster Pot feeds normally recover to full temperatures in late May.
The other pool (Bear Den) is fed from different springs sources that are not as affected by snowmelt.  This sources remain hot throughout the year.  So for the next few weeks more only this pool is available for reservations.  We limited the daily usage to keep up the quality of the water and experiences of the users.
On another note, I reported on this blog last month on my health conditions and some readers have taken this to mean 1) that I am the owner or 2) that the springs are closed.
  1. I am not the owner of Scenic Hot Springs.  Along with Matt (who usually answers reservation requests) we are the legal stewards for Scenic Hot Springs at the owners request.
  2. The hot springs are not closed . . . for the moment, access is limited due to the snowmelt but we still will process reservations.
As for my health, I am in the middle of chemotherapy and soon onto radiation to treat my cancer.  But I am still involved with Scenic so expect me up there.