The repairs to the Bear Den sources are holding and the temperatures in the pools (as of Saturday, June 24th are:
Bear Den:
                   as it is coming into the pool . . . 109.2F
                    in the pool on the far side . . . .  103.7F
Lobster is running a comfortable 93F, well on it’s way to recovery from the annual snowmelt.
Trash continues to be a problem, with visitors (the trespassers, I’m sure) just throwing their beer bottles and cans over the side or on the trail.
Trespassing also continues to be a problem but we are spending more unannounced time up at Scenic intercepting people and turning them around (Saturday we kicked out a number of trespassers who would have barged in on those who had the decency to ask first).
Weather in the mountains can turn on a dime.  Saturday we had that awful storm suddenly rear up out of sunny skies with gale-force winds, hail, thunder and lightening, a sudden drop in air temperature of 30F, and a torrential downpour.  In the midst of that miserable weather, here come six teenagers wearing cotton summer shorts and tops . . . drenched and soaked to the bone.  I’m sure they hoped to be able to warm up in the hot springs except they weren’t exactly sure where the springs were and I intercepted them and sent them back the way they came.  I could have been nice and given them a pass but they got all mouthy.  C’est la vie.  Maybe next time they’ll accept this is private property and ask ahead of time.  I hope so.  Matt had a good heart to heart talk with them further down the mountain in the hopes of establishing some trust and a future visit.
At the base of the trail where we were doing some repair work we met a returning party of visitors with permission.  They informed us that there were three more people up at the springs that had come up by some back route and had been leery that they had been discovered and were in trouble.  When we went up to the springs to investigate, they were trying to sneak back out and became very obnoxious about not only trespassing, but about being devious in sneaking in and in parking their car up a side road to bushwhack in via an obscure and risky back route.  Since they didn’t seem to care at all about their intruding on those who had permission, they are persona non grata and will not be permitted any further access to Scenic.

This Upcoming Summer and the very real Fire Risk

No Fireworks sign posted at the request of the Forest Service
Since Scenic Hot Springs is a private inholding surrounded on all four sides by National Forest (one of those sides a wilderness area) the Forest Service has a huge stake in assuring that we do not experience wild fires that can devastate these pristine alpine forests.  There is going to be special emphasis on ranger patrols looking for the illegal setting off and use of fireworks over the summer within the Snoqualmie-Mt Baker National Forest (within which we are situated).  We are fully cooperating with the Law Enforcement Rangers of the National Forest by facilitating access to Scenic Hot Springs to deal with any transgressors.  Fireworks have never been tolerated on the Scenic Hot Spring property and if we catch anyone setting of fireworks within our property (or the adjacent National Forest property) we will not simply slap your hand . . . we will invite law enforcement to pursue charges.
A spent Bottle Rocket found in the clearcut just off the Scenic
property.  It was sitting on some very dry tinder and could have
easily started a fire that would have been difficult to reach and
get under control.
Last Note . . .
Give us time to process a request to visit.  We understand that a trip to the springs may be a last moment idea on a nice weekend, but we need to balance requests with a reasonable load on the springs.  Right now, Lobster is still not up to speed, so we limit the number of visitors per day to six (to help keep the crowding down and the waters clean.
Note the Conditions of Access in the sidebar.  Do not ask to come up at night.  Night time soaking is not permitted for a lot of reasons, and we will say “no”.
Don’t use the Call Me button to ask for permission . . . send an email as requested.  Use the Call Me button to ask general questions.
Finally, thank you to all the great people we have met up there that really love the hot springs and are respectful, leaving the place better than when they arrived.   You are great and we really feel good when someone says they had a great time soaking.