Update:  The cleanup event is still on for May 23-24th.  There is still time to add your name to the list and give Scenic Hot Springs and its’ environs some TLC (Tender Loving Care). 

For those of you already gearing up for some great times (camping, soaking under the stars, great food) more info is coming to your inboxes.  We look forward to meeting all of you.  Rick 

Put it on your calendars . . . the first volunteer clean-up event of the year.

When:  May 23rd (Saturday) through May 24th (Sunday)
Agenda:  Erosion control on the access road, culvert clean-out, and general litter pick-up
This past winter season saw an extraordinary amount amount of water runoff on the BPA road leading up to the springs.  Deep ruts in the road surface resulted and will only get worse unless run-off patterns are redirected off the road surface.  What we’d like to accomplish is to fill in the worst of these eroded areas and clear out the culverts that overflowed onto the road.
The erosion control is Saturday and Sunday.  These events are one of the few times we allow night-time soaking (for the volunteers) as well as camping on-site if you choose to participate both days.  We generally plan on a BBQ for volunteers.
We are hoping for a large turn-out this first event of 2015.  Contact us at scenichotsprings at gmail dot com.
Let us know that you are planning on attending, which days, and whether you would like to camp overnight.


  • Shovels, lots of them to help fill these ruts,
  • Garden-type picks 
  • Good-pair of work gloves
  • Wheelbarrows would come in handy

More planning as we get closer …