This coming Saturday we will be having one of our last improvement events of this season in preparation for the winter weather.  We need to do some serious brush and vegetation clearing about halfway up the trail in preparation of an alternative trail route and a staging area for old construction material.
Matt will host this event starting at 11am at the gate off the highway.  What is needed is:

  • Gas powered brush cutter (or weed whacker with a brush cutting attachment)
  • Chain saw or two . . . there are a number of tree falls across the area we envision using
  • Loppers, tree saws, rakes . . . whatever aids cutting and removing brush
Lots of energy and a willingness to do some major clearing.  Wear sensible, protective clothing, good footwear and gloves.  Afterwards we will get to soak and enjoy recovering sore muscles in the hot springs from a job well-done and much appreciated.  and, this event goes toward earning that annual pass…
Friday, the day before, Matt and myself will be doing some construction work down lower in the Honeymoon Springs area.  This one is not an open invitation . . . if you already have permission for that day, no problem.  Just stay clear of the areas we are working on and pay heed to red construction tape blocking the trail . . . which would mean we are bringing supplies down that may present a hazard to those coming up the trail if it let loose.