Freezing levels in the Cascades are predicted to go up to 7-8,000 feet this coming weekend.  If these levels are sustained for a time, we can expect increasing snow-melt into the groundwater near the spring sources, thereby diluting and bringing the temperatures of the hottest feed (Lobster) way down.  We would appreciate it if those who have permission to visit Scenic in the near term would measure (or guess) at the temperatures of both pools (and unusual flow rates), and let us know after your visit.

A comment from a permitted visitor that warrants citing here:

Judging from the snow clinging to the trees, no significant melting of
the Mon/Tue snowfall occurred on Wednesday at elevation 3,500′.

Late Thursday, it warmed above freezing enough for shaded limbs to
begin shedding snow. Hiking out, I noticed that the streamflow was two
to three time greater than what was evident on the way up. Lobster Pot
source water temp was good, but probably at mid range; volume was higher
than what I recall from the past.

Tarping and plumbing in good order. Removed one plastic grocery bag of litter.