With all the wild weather we have been getting recently there is not much to report on the actual situation up at Scenic Hot Springs. The springs are still there, as is the Monster Pool, but there has been very little activity other than minor cleanup activities and some topograpical site surveying (done by yours trully).

I assume there is a lot of snow up there. The last time I drove by (right after the November storms) there was already an appreciable snow berm across the FS road. Snow is as probably as deep as it was last year. A number of volunteers have expressed a desire to snowshoe up to the springs. To those I say . . . please be careful and don’t bite of more than you can deal with. Please let me know if you plan to make a trip . . . and please give us a trip report on conditions afterward (with pics).

On the bureaucratic front the battles go on and there is better news to hint at from that direction. As much as we may detest the very necessity of hiring lawyers and consultants, they are finally begining to make an impact on the county’s way of thinking about Scenic Hot Springs. There is a solid glimmer of success coming from these endless meetings with the county. I wish I could share the specifics but that might compromise negotiations. Just suffice it to say that the latest round was VERY PROMISING.