Lobster Pot (the normally hotter pool) is running cooler than normal due the the series of rain events that have been sweeping across the area.  This is fairly normal at this time of year as all that surface ground water mixes with Lobster Pot’s shallow sources and dilutes them.  When we get freezing weather those surface waters will lock up and Lobster Pot will return to it’s normal ‘hot’ temperatures.  Bear Den, by contrast, is minimally affected by ground water and remains nice and warm.
There is icing on the upper parts of the trail.  Traction devices are highly recommended (trax, cleats, crampons).  Snow is minimal just yet but snow levels are dropping with a good snow dump predicted for this weekend.  Though snowshoes may not be needed right now, it is always a good idea to carry a pair along to deal with a sudden drop of deep snow.  If you just need to rent a pair there is a snowshoe shop right on Highway 2 in Goldbar that we recommend.  Be safe.