The major undertaking of the work party last Saturday was the placement of four water bars on the lower portion of the trail from the property line up to the first creek, or Honeymoon Creek.

The county specified no more than fifty foot seperation and logs of at least 8-10 inches in diameter. The logs were to extend completely across the trail and extend, or overhand, over the downhill side. Bare, who has experience putting in water bars and trail erosion measures, directed the efforts . . . and we hauled huge fallen trees onto the trail and downhill to manhandle in place. Each water bar got three spaced rebar stakes to secure them in place and on the uphill side the dirt was backfilled to control flow sideways instead of under the water bars.

One last look to show where the uphill end of the water bar is directly set into the slope at the edge. Posted by Hello

Looking back up the trail at that first water bar and the warning sign posted at the entrance. Posted by Hello

Down at the entrance again with the first water bar set at the property line across trail. In the background are a few of the volunteers who undertook the huge effort. Posted by Hello

Natural features such as this large boulder were taken advantage of to secure the logs. Note the drainage channel on the uphill (left) side of log. Posted by Hello

and downhill, two water bars near the trail entrance Posted by Hello

Looking uphill you can just make out another water bar 50 ft uphill Posted by Hello

Water bars were fully set and staked to be stable Posted by Hello

and the uphill sides were set with compacted soil. Posted by Hello

Water bars extended completely across trail Posted by Hello

Showing the 50ft spacing of water bars Posted by Hello

Low image of water bar across trail showing the 8-10 inch diameter of logs Posted by Hello

Another detail of the rebar stakes. Three were used for each water bar and pounded securely into the ground. Posted by Hello

taking advantage of natural slope and drainage Posted by Hello

uphill side of water bar with compacted soil and rock against log Posted by Hello

looking downhill at two of the waterbars Posted by Hello

and end extending beyond trail edge Posted by Hello

Water bar next to Honeymoon creek across trail Posted by Hello

and Posted by Hello

First water bar at trail head at property line Posted by Hello