Scenic Hot Springs is in a fire-restricted area, surrounded on all four sides by National Forest and Wilderness lands.  The making of fires and/or the lighting off of fireworks is strictly prohibited on the hot springs property.
The Forest Service has raised the Fire Danger to HIGH this coming weekend.  Temperatures are forecast to set records along with a lot of tinder-dry vegetation.  We remind everyone of the prohibition on building fires at Scenic . . . we must also emphasize that fireworks are also prohibited.
The same rules that apply to federal lands also apply to Scenic.  If you are found with fireworks up at Scenic then you carried them across National Forest lands.  That is a federal offense.  Caught making fires or with fireworks up at Scenic and you will face county ordinance violations at the least and possibly Federal charges.
Keep our forests green and living.  Don’t be the one starting wildfires at this dangerous time of year.