Where: At the gate on FS850

When: Sunday, June 3rd at 11am

Here’s a chance to visit Scenic Hot Springs and do a little tender-loving care to the property and the adjoining areas of the litter and erosion from the winter and spring months. Afterward, we will have an opportunity to enjoy the springs. This cleanup party will not be a major undertaking and we will simply hike on up to the hot springs, cleaning up a few culverts along the way and collecting trash that the unrespectful have left behind. Participation counts toward gaining more opportunities from the owner . . . so don’t forget to sign in. I will also hand out new 2007 Season Permission Cards to those who are already involved in the restoration of the hot springs. The cards issued last season will retire to weed out those who are not actively involved, do not participate in clean-ups, or that we are unable to contact. Permission cards are not a perputual invitation to visit the hot springs . . . they are at the pleasure of the owner.

As in past cleanups, let’s meet around 11am at the gate, signin, and proceed up FS 850 to park in the clearcut area. The cleanup and soak will last to around 3pm when I will go back down to let vehicles back out (or later if there is consensus). those who might need to leave before 3pm, please park before the gate.


  1. Cleanup the litter on the areas off the gated area down to Highway 2. We owe this to the Forest Service as it is the people who head up to Scenic that are tossing this trash. I did some cleanup last week but I’m sure there is more.
  2. I need a few people to litter patrol the FS Road from the gate to the clearcut, and one or two to do the same on the first bypass trail.
  3. The road cut at the second bend could use some filling to help ease vehicle across without bottoming out; likewise, there is a tree snag partially blocking the road near the clearcut which we need moved out of the way.
  4. From the clearcut, those that like to hike, there are a few fallen trees and snags down in the BPA loop that could use an assist off the road. For the rest, up the second bypass trail to pick up litter on the road and the side slopes.
  5. I need to re-plant a new ‘No trespassing’ sign near the second tower. I have the signs and post. Likewise, just inside the trailhead we need to figure out how to correct the floded over ‘No Trespassing’ sign high in that tree.
  6. As we head up the upper BPA Road, we should check the culverts and unblock them as necessary. Where streams cross the road, we will assess if there is anything to do that will keep the streams in their course, and protect against erosion on the downslope side (usually means partially blocking the flow to slow the water down and create sedimentation filling).
  7. We will do litter control on the trail and correct errant seepages on the water bars we placed two years ago.
  8. Litter patrol the pool area and the downslope area from the pool.
  9. Enjoy a soak!!!!
Tools: Nothing major. I’ll bring my folding shovel to do culvert cleanout. Perhaps a hammer to post signs.

Everyone, good shoes and gloves. Bring water, something to snack and a smile.

Is there anyone out there that is good with making conceptulized drawings? We need someone who can look at the hot spring site, visualize what the pools might look like in place, and produce a nice drawing in colored pencil. A 2007 Permission Card to the individual who can make drawings for us.