There is 3-4 feet of snow on the trail to Scenic Hot Springs.

Recent storms brought trees down along the first part of the trail. Caretakers cleared small trees and branches, but there are some larger trees to step over or duck underneath.

To make the journey to the springs and back safely, you will need:

  • A vehicle equipped for winter driving
    Chains and/or traction tires may be required for the drive on Highway 2; the parking area may be snowy and slippery.
  • Snowshoes or skis
    The snow is very deep along the trail and without proper winter travel devices on your feet, you will punch holes through the snow with your feet (aka postholes) and may fall through up to your knees, thighs, or even your waist.
    Postholes from unprepared hikers also make the trail more difficult and less safe for other trail users.

    Steep trail with deep snow


    The trail section under the power lines


    Postholes are dangerous for the person making them, as well as others. WEAR SNOWSHOES ON YOUR HIKE.


    Fallen tree across the first part of the trail


    Fallen trees along the first part of the trail