Seems this unseasonably warm weather refuses to step back and let winter and snow into the picture.  Large amounts of cold ground water continues to mix with the sources to the Lobster Pot Springs . . . resulting in one of the pools going cold.
Fortunately, the other spring is resistant to groundwater-mixing, and remains at a nice and toasty soaking temperature.  The upshot is that only one pool is usable and we have to limit usage for everybody’s best enjoyment.

Related . . . warm days and freezing nights are a recipe for treacherous hiking conditions.  Most of the hike up to Scenic is steep and now we have very slick ice conditions that are far more slippery than snow.  Some form of extra traction is necessary . . . Trax, crampons, even snowshoes for the cleats on the ice.

Snow is so much easier to travel over.  Does anyone know a snow-dance?   🙂