Update: I took a lot of flack for this post, and an identical post in TribeNet. Despite my frustration at the events the lead up to my posting, I feel and know I need to make a public apology to the persons involved who believed, in all honesty, that there was a Clean-up Party on August 7th. As one commentor points out, that date is listed in the Friends of Scenic Hots Springs Tribe Summary if you click on the ‘more’ link. Over the months and years you tend to forget that old information and it came back to bite me. I’ve asked Robert, the moderator to correct the Tribe’s summary. That August 7th date was the first work party scheduled way back in 2004. Again, I apologize. Rick

I don’t know where this idea of a work party on Aug the 7th came from but it is bogus information.

Something bothers me.The follow on group also used the excuse that they were up there to cleanup the trail and I thought to myself as I was hiking down that it was too coincidental . . . two different parties carrying trash bags to pick up stuff? Convenient excuse in case challenged? There was also a lot of name-dropping going on . . . “Oh, Mike said it was okay”. When was that? Last year? Were you at the last cleanup party? Do you have a ‘permission card’?

I talked with Mike for over an hour after that. Lots of people he doesn’t recognize and he doesn’t remember the vehicles. Mike drove up to the springs to wait at the gate . . . mainly to make sure no one tried to sneak in after dark. But I suspect he was interested in those who dropped his name. Come on folks . . . be honest. Respect and attitude counts more than anything else, but stories of clean-up parties (and signs in the car windows) kind of peeve me off and I’m just gonna start turning people around that are not on the list I carry.

The only place where clean up parties are officially announced is here, in this blog. The next clean up party won’t be till September or so . . . we are still waiting for the land use permits and can do nothing without them.

On the different tack . . . to the couple I met up at the springs (the jeep Cherokee at the gate) and the Harley hog illegally parked up on the BPA road. Don’t bother coming back to the hot springs. You are banned (Mike concurs). The activities of the past are over. Scenic will become family-friendly whether you like it or not. When I came over the rise above the springs, I could have quietly sat there and taken picture after picture in glorious detail . . . so engrossed you two were. Instead, I hope I embarrassed you enough with the ‘Come on kids, this isn’t the place for a ‘b***j**’. I spent the next two hours emptying the pool and scrubbing it down after I suggested you leave.