Okay, first off, I do not represent the new owner of Scenic Hot Springs so what I say has no bearing or binding on his position. However, I do understand his feelings about access.

Scenic is private property and it is posted ‘No Trespassing’. That is a legal position and you must absolutely understand the consequences should the sheriffs department decide to enforce the posting of the property. Legally, Scenic Hot Springs IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! You could potentially face trespassing fines should you be arrested on his property.

The area of the access road off of Highway 2 and before the gate is Forest Service property and again, you can be cited (or worse) for parking there if you do not have a Forest Service Pass. For those of you who insist on parking in the chain-up area across the highway . . . the Highway Patrol will have your vehicle towed away.

For the idiots who slip their trailbikes around the gate . . . you face even stiffer sanctions because both the BPA and the Forest Service take very unkindly to that.

Get the message? The authorities know of Scenic . . . and they remember the signs of use from the past . . . and a sh*t-load of cars parked on the access road overflowing along the shoulders of Highway 2 is certainly going to ratchet up the attention of the State Patrol and the Sheriffs Department real quick. And then the raids will begin . . .

That’s the bad news. So I’ll lighten up. You’re gonna go up there anyway. The place is just too nice. When we posted the signs we knew that they meant very little to someone who saw little risk in trying to sneak in. Sign or no sign, up they’ll go. Since we (and by we, I refer to those loosely associated with Scenic in some way) can’t always be around to stop you from hiking up to the springs, the best we can do is try to educate you into being good stewards and not doing anything stupid to endanger yourself or someone else, or to trash the springs . . . or any one of a number of other things that are a concern.

I was asked if there was a ‘permission slip’ or a pass to go to the springs. Sorry, no, there isn’t. The only people who have a legal right to be up at Scenic Hot Springs are the Owner and his guests, and those with a legitimate business up there. Everyone else is trespassing . . . it might seem to be tolerated, but those are the facts.

Why? Because the county says so. The remaining pool is still under sanction from the original code enforcement action of three years ago. What the owner wishes to do is difficult and requires that Scenic does not become a teen-aged party spot or a haven for bikers or an opportunity for a fresh batch of vandals to break into the cars parked down below. Scenic NEEDS TO STAY LOW KEY!

Rick (aka Banged-up_shins)