A continuing problem and one we are going to deal with, involving law enforcement.  Two samples from last week . . . if this is you, you are not welcome at Scenic.  If we catch you at Scenic we will have charges pressed.

I’m particularly concerned with the individual carrying what appears to be a shotgun . . . accompanied by half a dozen dogs and inadequately dressed accomplices.  Are these also the people who tore down a metal roofing section, dragged it beside the soaking pools, and used it to hold a fire late at night?

A group of four (including a young child) and a guy with a gun.
The video shows numerous dogs running loose

The second example of trespassing is the guy in a full-body white pickup truck that comes rolling in about 10pm and doesn’t leave until after 4am . . . at which time the video shows several other accomplices.  I’ve seen this same truck on surveillance before (which gives me the license plate).  Is this the same individual who has been making unauthorized changes to the springs?

Arrived around 10pm, left after 4am

Finally, an authorized visitor.  The video shows this GSA-plated vehicle going through the gate and up.  I bring it up because these Federal officers were responding to a complaint in the area.  Yes, they do have the key and we welcome their presence.  We do not welcome uninvited trespassers who jeopardize the future of Scenic and might bring law enforcement responses of a less-friendly nature through those gates.

GSA-plated law enforcement just back from the area above