Three vehicles parked before the gate to Scenic last Saturday just before nightfall. I was checking the Scenic mail in Skykomish and hopped up the road just to see for myself if anyone was being so brash as to be heading up to the springs for a nighttime soak.

The Volvo was there when I arrived

The other two cars arrived while I was
checking out things beyond the gate
… and people heading up to the springs as the sun sets
It’s interesting that despite the number of times I’ve posted about night soaking and permission, and the number of times the owner has reiterated his position on being at the springs after the sun goes down, that people still head on up there. Even with my car in plain view under the powerlines you’d think someone would think twice that maybe someone with access is up there and maybe they shouldn’t go up . . . yet they do.

Being on a tight schedule myself, I didn’t have the time to go up there and admonish them. I spent some time looking over the condition of the gate and possible fixes . . . and waiting to see if anyone came down. No one did before darkness fell and I had to get back to Seattle.