An impromptu cleanup party is being held at Scenic this coming Saturday (Sep 8th, 2007). This is short notice. What we will be doing is moving some of the trash from the upper levels further lower on the trail to where it can be more easily picked up during later cleanups. As a result of the winter and springs weather much of the garbage pile of odd construction materials got scattered and is become a mess. Uninvited visitors have also been adding their garbage to the pile.

Volunteers may arrive at any time in the morning and hopefully we will get enough to form a bucket-brigade arrangement to move material. I will arrive around 10am to unlock the gate (Matt? Bob? If you’re coming maybe you can open the gate early?)

Standard safety stuff:

  • Sturdy work boots
  • Gloves (I have a case of work gloves if needed)
  • Water

Do not forget to sign in with me if you want credit.

Of course, credit for participation and a soak afterward.