On our way back down the BPA Road last Saturday, we encountered a man and his son from Oregon, hiking their way on up to the Springs. It was getting late in the afternoon and getting cold out. Already 5-6 inches of snow on the ground; more at the springs. We wished them well and asked them to be careful and thought no more of it as we were wet and cold and dead tired.

Mike, the owner, and George from Skykomish went up the next day to continue work.

This coming from Mike . . .

“Apparently, they (the father and son) became trapped inside the Scenic

Hot Springs overnight. They had no camping equipment, so they had to stay in the hot spring pool all night to keep themselves warm. When George and I visited on Sunday morning, we discovered them completely exhausted and had to drive them all the way back to their car.”

“It was one of the dumbest and (most) dangerous things I have ever seen at a Hot Spring.”

Those two were fortunate that Mike had business up at the Springs. What if no one came up? Would they have been missed? Would they have tried a hike down the following day . . . already exhausted, cold and wet?

Rick (aka banged_up_shins)