We’ve received a number of requests for access recently by way of anonymous comments to the blog . . . no email, no other contact information.  Ummm, how are we supposed to get back to you?
Even worse, you post a comment and lay out your name and telephone number, compromising your privacy.  I have little choice but to delete the comment just to stopgap the flood of spam telephone calls you are going to get by putting your personal information out there for everyone to see.  Posting a comment to this blog is not the way to request permission . . .
There  are instructions in the sidebar of this blog.  Essentially, we need at least two days advance notice for the back and forth acceptance of our Conditions of Access which lay out the rules and your acceptance of them.  Follow the instructions and email a request in plenty of time to process it.
There is also a “Call Me” button in the sidebar.  Do not call to ask for reservations as we are unlikely to have the current state of reservations in front of us.  Use this feature to ask general questions before deciding whether you want to continue with a request.
There is a calendar in the sidebar that gives you some idea of the present state of reservations.  The number of visitors we allow each day is dependent of conditions but generally lays within the range of 10-12.  Keep this in mind when you make a request.